9 Easy Ways to Make Your Man Feel Loved

Even though we may never verbally admit it, most convos on love and successful relationships are cantered on how to make a woman happy and loved. Most of the time, we forget that men are part of the relationship. Just like women, men need to feel loved, appreciated, and needed. In essence, a successful healthy relationship needs effort from both partners. Are you looking for ways to make your man feel loved? Wondering how to spruce things up? We have got you! In this article, we share some tips and tricks that will make your man feel just that.

Understand his love language

Each of us has a primary love language that we must learn to speak if we want a person to feel loved and appreciated. Most times, we think of love language is something that resonates more with women and not men. It is not the case; just like women, men resonate with different love languages that you must take time to learn. Learning your man’s love language will enable you to love them better, and in return, make them feel loved and valued.

Support him

Being a supportive partner is one of the ways of making your man feel valued and loved. If you asked any man what they look for in a woman, you would not miss the mention of support in their responses. Men value women who understand what they need and make an effort of putting that understanding into practice. To be a supportive partner,

  • check on your man regularly- know what he is dealing with
  • know what he needs,
  • create a stress-free environment- provide a way for him to become less stressed
  • remind them that you got his back

Gift him

There is a popular Google search query, “Do men love receiving gifts from their girlfriends or wives?” Your guess is as good as mine. We have been made to believe that gifts are for women. However, the reality is men love receiving gifts from their partners. In fact, it is one way of making them feel lovedFind out what you man loves, then turn those tangible desires into gifts. For example, if your man is into trendy looks, you can simply go to a men’s fashion store and find him something that is befitting of his style. Other gift ideas include; a timeless classic watch, engraved key chain, perfumes/colognes, or a travel bag.

Tip: Gifts help define and strengthen bonds. When choosing a gift, go for something meaningful rather than expensive.

Compliment him

We know the hyper-masculine stereotypes have taught us that men don’t need to be complimented. Well, believe it or not, men also like hearing compliments. According to experts verbalizing heart-filled genuine compliments is critical to a man’s self-esteem. When men don’t feel valued, insecurity sets in, and sadly, you won’t hear them verbalize how crappy they feel. Learn to celebrate his spirit and character. Below are some compliments that touch the inner core of a man.

  • “I really admire how you manage your team; not everyone has such leadership skills.’’
  • “I know you donated money for charity. Did I tell you how amazing that is?”
  • “Wow, that shirt compliments your handsome face.”
  • “You really take care of me- thank you. I love you, baby.”
  • “I feel so safe when I am with you.”

Respect is key

Statistics show that up to 74% of men would instead feel unloved than disrespected. Most men equate respect to love. In essence, lack of respect means lack of love. Your man wants you to respect his judgment, his opinions, and decisions. It doesn’t mean you cannot disagree with him; what they hate is being second-guessed all the time. Simply, don’t treat him as a child, don’t manipulate his decisions. Instead, learn to ask for his input on things and trust his judgment. This way, he feels valued and loved.

Appreciate him

Appreciating your man is close to complimenting him but different. Appreciating him shows that you recognize the effort he has put into doing something. It doesn’t need to be a huge thing. It could be coming home with your favorite shampoo after hearing you groaning in the morning or cooking dinner because you are too tired. A simple thank you will make him feel loved.

Don’t reject him

Imagine someone trying to be affectionate to you, but you are constantly rejecting them? Bad, right? Rejection is one of those things that bruises a man’s ego and makes him feel unwanted and unloved. If you don’t want to hug him or kiss him and you are constantly giving reasons why you can’t make love, you are doing everything to make your man feel unloved. Most men love affection; you know they want to hold you, kiss you, cuddle, make love, and all that good stuff. Reciprocating this makes them feel adored and wanted.

Trust him

Another way of making your partner feel loved and special is trusting him. Trust subconsciously reveals to your boyfriend how special he is in your life. Express vulnerability; if your boyfriend or husband is willing to be open and vulnerable, be willing to do so too. Share secrets or your deepest concerns with him without hesitation. Doing this makes him feel loved and needed.

Be present!

We live in a very busy world, and sometimes it is so easy to be caught in it. We become so engrossed in work stuff and forget about our partners. Well, you have probably heard of couples living together but complaining of loneliness. Try to be present, be intentional in creating time for your man. Make him dinner or take him out just to listen to him, his ideas, struggles, and progress. Being present shows that you love, care for him, and are interested in what he does.

Wrap up

As seen from our discussion, there are many ways to make your man feel loved and valued. Be creative and consistent in letting your man know that they are special to you. While at it, remember to do them organically and authentically.

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