A Fabric Guide for Buying a Mattress Protector

When someone makes a significant funding in a product or benefit that has the potential to be costly, you should think about strategies to preserve that investment. Whenever you buy a new automobile, you usually get full coverage protection to ensure that your money is protected in the event of an accident. 

So, your cotton mattress protector may be required to safeguard your investment in a high-quality mattress. Whereas if the mattress is discolored, some guarantees may be invalid. Your mattress protector, similar to a good insurance policy, may help safeguard your mattress from spills and many other issues that you may not even be able to anticipate.

So, your cotton mattress protector waterproof protects your mattress against allergens that accumulate over time. They’re also wonderful for stain resistance since they keep any liquid from dripping onto the surface. Your mattress protector may function similarly to a cover, allowing you to preserve and maintain the condition of your mattress.

Materials used for mattress protector

Not even all cotton mattress protectors UK, therefore, are created equal. The choice of material, for particular, has a significant impact on how well your mattress protector performs in the end. Merely being aware of the many varieties might assist you when it comes time to purchase your new mattress protector.

Mattress protectors come in a variety of materials, each with its own set of pros and drawbacks. The below are the top mattress protector fabric options.

Polyester mattress protectors

Polyester, on the other hand, is a synthesized fabric that serves as among the greatest materials for quite a mattress cover. Given how many styles and textures it has to offer, this isn’t a far-fetched thought. Polyester, on the other hand, isn’t the reason why mattress protectors are so popular.

Such material is very easy to clean and is less expensive than other textiles like velour. Microfiber can also be blended with other fabrics to provide added comfort ability. However, the idea that polyester doesn’t quite drain moisture like a mattress cover is perhaps the most obvious disadvantage. Nonetheless, it’s a quick-drying fabric without any hypoallergenic properties.

Cotton mattress protectors

Cotton continues to be the most preferred fabric used mattress protectors. So, the flexible, machine-washable cotton covering featuring quilt-like stitching to keep up the internal cushioning is available.

Cotton mattress protectors extra deep, from the other hand, might include latex & wool within their construction. Using latex, for instance, the cotton protector has better moisture-wicking qualities, which helps to greatly increase mattress texture. Cotton protectors containing wool, on either hand, provide more comfort caused by temperature regulating properties of the textiles.

The efficient combination works well in this situation, especially during the summer seasons when temperatures increase and management is required. Overall, combining cotton alongside latex and wool improves the firmness, durability, and water resistance of a mattress cover. That’s in addition to guarding against dust, mould, and other bed irritants. So, cotton mattress protectors have one drawback: they can only be machine washed.

Bamboo mattress protector

Because of its natural advantages, luxury Bamboo fabric is among the best choices for quite a mattress cover. On papers, the fabric boasts moisture-wicking characteristics, which implies it will keep body fluids and spills off your mattress.

In addition to moisture absorption, the bamboo mattress protector has antibacterial & antifungal properties that prevent odor-causing germs from growing.

Unless you’re a sensitive sleeper, the bamboo material mattress protector may be worth considering due to its superior quality. It comes in breathable, ultra soft fabrics with a noise – free design, for example.

Plush mattress protectors

Velour is a soft, close-knitted material that looks similar to traditional velvet. Luxurious velour is made of cotton in its natural state, however synthetic materials such as polyester might be used as substitutes.

While velvety velour is commonly used in upholstery, its exceptional characteristics make it among the best fabrics for quite an extra deep mattress protector. To begin with, the soft velour possesses stretching qualities that provide protection against every day wear and tear. Considering that velour has a velvety feel to it, as well as a rich, luxurious look.


However, a nice mattress is essential for a restful night’s sleep. The most vital item for your mattress seems to be a mattress protector. It is advised that you maintain your mattress once a week, however due to the great weight of the item, this is not practical. You may purchase a mattress protector to safeguard it, which somewhat offers protection but also extends the life of the mattress. They are simple to have and quite handy. To keep bed bugs out, make sure the mattress & box spring are completely closed with no gaps; this will prevent bugs from entering the box.

Yorkshire Bedding presents to you its most selling deep mattress protectors to protect your mattress perfectly from all sides and to provide you with an upgraded quality comfort.

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