Italian Citizenship by Descent- Why is it Worthwhile for a Quality Life?

Italian citizenship has been accessible for many people of Italian ancestry. It is wise to know that there are numerous ways of obtaining Italian citizenship. These can be through marriage, residency, or by descent. 

Out of all the above-mentioned ways, Italian Citizenship by Descent or ‘Jure Sangunis’ is the most preferred way as it helps in obtaining citizenship by the right of blood. If you’re of Italian descent, the chances are excellent for you to obtain dual citizenship based on the principle. There are several benefits the citizens enjoy, including having an EU passport. Also, you’ll be able to access education or job opportunities and have the ability to purchase property in Italy. 

Now that you’re keen on obtaining an Italian Citizenship by Descent, know that there are a series of steps you need to learn. Checking your eligibility and then learning about the procedure can be your best bet.

What is the Procedure to Apply for Jure Sanguinis?

Whenever applying for Italian citizenship by descent, it is wise to check your eligibility before applying. After knowing whether you’re eligible or not, you need a number of documents that verify your eligibility for obtaining an Italian Citizenship by Descent. 

Who is Eligible for Jure Sanguinis?

A person can become eligible for dual citizenship by proving that they’re born to a person of Italian descent. Know that this person can be an Italian citizen by birth or may have gained citizenship by descent. It is wise to know that a situation of adoption may also arise when an Italian parent or parents with an Italian citizenship brings a person into the family line. 

Once you meet the eligibility conditions, make sure you have the necessary documents that validate your eligibility. It would help if you gather these from the US or international record departments. If you’re struggling with information, the experts recommend you to visit for understanding more to make a sound decision. Also, make sure to submit the information to the correct Italian Consulate in an approved format. 

Some documents which you will need are:

  1. Birth certificates of yourself, your parents, and other ancestors.
  2. Marriage certificates, legal divorce documentation, and death certificates. 
  3. Naturalization certificates
  4. Notarized declarations that prove neither you nor your ancestors have renounced Italian citizenship. 
  5. Passport and current residence copy

While the process is undoubtedly daunting, getting advice from a professional attorney can be your best bet. Their assistance makes the application process easy to complete, taking you through apostille service, translation, and other steps with complete ease. 

What are the Benefits of Jure Sanguinis?

Now that you’re deciding upon dual citizenship, know that your decision process will become even more sound once you know certain benefits. Let’s get going with discovering what these are:

  • Travel Benefits:

One of the most pivotal benefits of Italian dual citizenship is the ability to work, live, and travel in any of the 27 EU countries. 

Also, you wouldn’t require a visa for traveling to or through the European Union. You have the ease of living in Italy or other EU countries for as long as you’d like. There isn’t even a need to apply for a Work Visa, which comes with time limitations for the others. 

  • Employment Benefits:

Employers are all thumbs up for hiring people who hold dual citizenship. For instance, international companies with offices in multiple locations can send dual citizens to and from the country. 

When combined with US citizenship, Italian citizenship benefits as it opens windows of opportunities to help you enhance your career. 

  • Educational Benefits:

The education system is incredibly affordable. The EU tuition rates are far cheaper than the universities in the United States. Since US universities have high tuition costs, students are burdened with  a student loan even after graduating. 

However, college fees in several European countries are free of cost for EU students and nationals. 

  • Hereditary Benefits:

A significant reason for gaining Italian citizenship by descent as it offers future security for children- all thanks to a world of educational and employment opportunities. Parents can easily pass Italian citizenship to their children in an unbroken line. Italian citizenship is usually perceived as a gift that continues to give. 

  • Property Purchasing Benefits:

Italian citizens can easily take advantage of several benefits, like participating in special tax schemes and bonuses. Whether it’s about purchasing a home, making partial payments, or tax breaks, the program options are undoubtedly endless. 

The Bottom Line

Applying for Italian citizenship by descent is easy, provided you adhere to the conditions and requirements. 

Certain benefits mentioned above make holding dual citizenship a lucrative option. And, why not? All these advantages pledge to provide a higher quality of life possible. 

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