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A Living Room to Envy: 4 Advantages for Choosing Marble Interiors

Today’s open floor plans have changed our understanding of the “living room.” Homes once had parlours for receiving guests, a cosy room where they could sit to chat and perhaps enjoy some tea. A living room was a separate room where a family might put their feet up, read a paper, or entertain themselves by the fire. 

But these living rooms gave way to family rooms or rec rooms in the latter part of the 20th-century. Now, we have interiors designed to be fluid and flexible, so no two homes use the same floor plan in the same way. Architects, interior decorators, and homeowners are choosing marble interiors to create living rooms to envy.

4 advantages of marble interiors:

  • Marble is more than you know. Most people think “marble” is a shiny flat decorative surface randomly streaked with various colours. But there’s much more to it. defines marble as “a metamorphic rock that forms when limestone is subjected to the heat and pressure of metamorphism.” Composed of calcite, it also may include a myriad of minerals, oxides, and crystals. It becomes a very dense and durable material. It becomes the marble we know only after being quarried, cut, and polished.
  • Marble creates a classic image. Because marble has lined the floors of palaces, temples, and institutions since ancient times, it continues an image of timeless elegance and impressive beauty. Marble creates an ambience of timeless elegance, sending a message of wealth, taste, and class. Floors, columns, countertops, and more add prestige and value to any residence. White and neutral colour choices add to the perception of space in your living room while rich blues, dense greens, and deep blacks can accent or frame design concepts in a living room to envy.
  • Marble’s not just for kitchens, anymore. Modern homes favour marble or polished granite countertops on their kitchens and bathrooms. Marble has also replaced linoleum and tile as the preferred flooring and backsplash. But open plans connect kitchens, dining, and living areas into new traffic patterns. Choosing marble colours and patterns well will connect rooms and define traffic. For example, homeowners in Coldspring have used marble to edge floors, define wainscots, or create patterns in flooring leading from the foyer to the living room.
  • Marble is affordable. Despite its classic elegance, marble is surprisingly affordable. The cost does depend on the type and thickness of the cut, and rare colours will add to the purchase price. It also takes an expert installation. Nonetheless, marble often comes cheaper than granite or quartz options. It is available in large sheets requiring custom cutting to fit a specific area and purpose. And, you can buy marble in precut forms for laying floors or lining walls.

Redefining a living room to envy!

Tara Masteroeni, writing for, reminds you, “If you are under the impression that marble can come off looking heavy-handed and ornate, think again.” Durable, handsome, and easy-to-clean marble will create a living room for the envy of your visitors.

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