Managing Bipolar Condition

1. Start small

Getting off the couch last winter during my previous serious depression was often quite challenging to do.

But with the assistance of my therapist, we were able to set small achievable exercise objectives. I had no reason or excuse not to walk every day for 10 minutes. Contact the Clarity Clinic to start to set your own goals.

Once I started off the mark small, I built on the 10 minute everyday challenge especially when I started feeling better.

2. Reward yourself for accomplishing goals 

Giving yourself small rewards such as a desert cookie after dinner or catching up on your favourite television show works for me. I this case, moderation is everything! Don’t indulge in too many cookies.

3. Monitor your steps and gradually increase them every day/week

To track my daily steps and see what I’ve done, I used my iPhone to record the steps I had taken. I currently use an optional Fitbit, but it has some very cost-effective and pretty good pedometers. By tracking my steps, I found that it holds me more accountable, plus I enjoyed seeing the Fitbit celebrate once it reached the 10,000th step of the strides that I had taken in the day. There are days I don’t get to or above the 10,000 steps but I always ensure there are more days that I do.

4. Promise yourself that you’ll exercise for about 10-15 minutes every day

Personally, I don’t like it when I break a promise to myself. As much as eating a healthy meal is good for me, I now categorise exercising to be a part of my own health regimen.

5. Get an exercise friend. It can be a friend, family member or spouse

Exercising with a buddy will help you gain motivation, especially on the days you don’t feel like doing anything. This buddy will help you out. Bipolar depression is only a temporary condition, but it won’t feel like it when you’re experiencing it at the time. But as my grandmother used to say, “ It will pass too.”

Exercising has not only played a role in raising my mood when I’m feeling good, but it also assists me feel increasingly better when I’m feeling depressed. It’s an essential component in my toolbox that I always utilise to stay in order. You can begin from anywhere even with your own Wii. You won’t require to be a gym member to get and remain in shape; a walk around will also suffice plus the fresh air you get comes as a bonus.

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