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A Top 5 List of the Best Massage Chairs to Buy for Your Home

Oh my aching back!

Do you suffer from headaches, backaches, pain or inflammation? Massage might just be the thing to give you relief. Studies prove that massage is effective in reducing stress, muscle tension, and pain. 

Non-traditional medicine depends on massage and other techniques to stimulate healing energies and promote healthy cell renewal.

Massage is also an indulgence in some of the most luxurious spas in the world. Even chairs at the airport offer a massage. But did you know you can have the comfort and relaxation of a massage at home? 

Check out some of the best massage chairs in the world for your home or office and enter the world of ahhhhhhh!

Types of Massage

There are several broad categories of massages. They are grouped by common movements, treatment philosophies, or techniques.

Swedish Massage

Is a gentle, full-body massage on bare skin. It uses a combination of kneading, long flowing strokes towards the heart, vibration, tapping and deep circular motions.

Deep Tissue

Is a focused, firmer massage that targets muscle adhesions and problems in the deep muscle layers. The therapist uses slow strokes across the grain of the muscle.

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu is of Japanese and Chinese origin. The therapist uses pressure in a sequential rhythm over the clothed body. Fingers, hands, and elbows apply firm pressure to points and meridians.  

The best massage chairs imitate strokes and rhythms of these various therapies. Sophisticated programming gives massage chairs recognized therapeutic value.

The Best Massage Chairs for Any Home

1) A Human Touch Massage Chair is the only type of chair recognized by the World Federation of Chiropractic. The Human Touch Novo-XT, coddles the body with zero gravity and eight different massage programs. It’s a luxury design and can accommodate adults up to 6’9″ in height and 300 lbs.

Sometimes chair buyers don’t need the ultimate in luxury or chairs that accommodate very tall or very small users. 

Check out these chairs. too. 

2) Kahuna LM6800 offers high quality and a feeling of luxury. Its price is modest and the chair is available for swift delivery.  

3) Luraco Technologies iRobotics 7 is an all-American product. This model promises long life and the most-asked about features. It offers five massage programs and comforting heat.

4) The Osaki OS-4D Pro Soho Massage Chair includes heated rollers, knee, foot and ankle massage, arm massage and more.

5) Budget-minded people will love the Snailax Shiatsu Massage Cushion With Heat. It offers firm massage and heat, but you provide the chair.

Where to Purchase the Best Massage Chair

To identify the best massage chair for your family, visit local retailers and pick out a chair that will fit into your space.  Look for a chair that comes with a lengthy warranty in cases anything goes wrong with it.

Once you make your selection, seek at least three different retailers to get an idea of a fair price. You may find an online source with swift delivery can give the best price.

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