A Woman’s Guide To Holistic Wellness In 2021

A woman needs to go the extra mile with health and wellness because her body bears a lot. The hormonal ups and downs during the menstrual years, the trauma of childbirth, and the stress of menopause keep you struggling throughout your life. The constant pressure to handle home and work makes things all the more challenging. So you deserve all the self-care you can give. Thankfully, embracing holistic wellness isn’t as difficult as you imagine. Just adopting some healthy lifestyle measures will have you covered. Here is a holistic wellness guide that you can follow in 2021.

Prioritise fresh and natural foods

If you feel like reaching out for a bag of chips or a cola, ditch them for a bowl of salad or a glass of fresh juice. Eating a healthy diet that prioritizes fresh, natural foods should be on top of your wellness wishlist this year. Choose seasonal fruits and vegetables, high-fibre greens, and whole grains. Pick leaner cuts of meat instead of high-fat variants. Consume low-fat dairy to boost your calcium intake and keep osteoporosis at bay. Stick to healthy fats and steer clear of sugar.

Follow a daily exercise schedule 

Make exercise a part of your daily schedule. Pick an activity you enjoy, whether walking, swimming, aerobics, or yoga. Daily physical activity keeps your body supple and reduces your cortisol levels. It is also helpful to curb obesity, which becomes a key concern after childbirth or as you inch closer to menopause. Exercise reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension as well.

Find healthier alternatives 

If you are serious about getting wellness on track, it makes sense to look for healthier alternatives. Ditch sugar and opt for natural sweeteners like honey. Quitting smoking may seem like a challenge, so you can switch to vaping or dabbing instead. You can pick a handy tool from MindVapes and get started with this healthier alternative. Spritzers and wine are healthier alternatives to hard alcoholic drinks. Similarly, you can opt for cannabis for pain relief if you want to avoid pain killers.  

Additionally, instead of opting for home medications, visit medical experts instead. For example, you can check out this dentist in Queens Village instead of ordering a teeth whitening home kit. Although some DIY teeth whitening kits work, a dentist would know which option is much better for you.

Meditate for mental wellness

Women often have a lot to stress about. The hormones trouble you, while you may have too much to handle at home and work. Meditating for mental wellness deserves to be a part of your wellness checklist in 2021. Just ten minutes of deep breathing and meditation every morning can set a pace for the day. You can go the extra mile by adding a ten-minute session to your evening routine too.

Catch up on your sleep

Adequate sleep is equally vital to stay healthy and relaxed, but it often evades women nearing menopause. Hot flashes and night sweats can keep you awake and uncomfortable. Make conscious efforts to deal with insomnia, but without getting dependent on sleep medications. You can opt for natural alternatives like herbal teas instead. Try staying off your phone at bedtime and meditate to relax your body and mind.

Achieving a state of holistic wellness may take some effort, but it is worthwhile. Make these tips a part of life, and you will end up living longer, healthier, and happier.

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