Age Is Just A Number

Carmen Dell'Orefice

Carmen Dell’Orefice is 5ft 9″, a supermodel, and the cover model of New You’s Spring 2015 Special Edition issue.

Although it is not unusual to have a supermodel on the cover of a well-known magazine, it is when the supermodel is 83 years old. Wearing all black, pearls, long gloves and a perfect pout, on the front of New You (released 11th Feb), Carmen lays claim to the name “the world’s oldest working supermodel”.

With almost seventy years of experience, her first Vogue cover shot by Erwin Blumenfeld in 1946, Carmen confessed to New You last year that she was “still trying to figure out how to do the job”. Her new, fierce cover, though, proves that she is still very much at the top of her game.

Carmen tells New You, “I have had more magazine covers in the last 25 years than I have in my whole elongated career… Today I am in a territory that business considers unmarketable: age and white hair. Slowly, however, I started to own that territory little by little because I stood up for age.”

Not only is the stunning fashion icon still posing for magazine covers, Carmen is still strutting her stuff down the catwalk.  Most recently, she closed the Max.Tan Spring/Summer 2015 show in Singapore, during Digital Fashion Week 2014.


In the magazine, the superstar also revealed that she doesn’t waste any time counting calories, “I could have gotten into trouble with food in my lifetime because I love to eat, but I was given a free pass because I metabolize food well,” she shared.

“I’ve had my issues with ice cream when I was younger. Friends will open my freezer today and say, ‘My God, who eats all this ice-cream?’ It stays frozen just in case. That is my money in the bank. It gives me a feeling of security. One would think clothes would do it for me — but no, it’s ice cream.”

If only we all had her metabolism!

The HOTTEST thing in modelling

Recently, Sports Illustrated featured “plus-sized” models. Now, older models are in high demand! Carmen Dell’Orefice joins the list of current ‘models of the moment’, of names like Joan Didon for ‘Celine’ and Joni Mitchell for ‘New York Magazine’.

Finally, the fashion industry, that is responsible for influencing so many women, young and old, is taking long, long-overdue steps to show that beauty comes in all different shapes, sizes, and ages!


By contributor, Melissa Buckle.

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