Are You Alcohol Dependent? Find Out Now

If you’ve noticed that you’re starting to drink more each day, you could be becoming alcohol dependent. You might be recovering from an injury and only feel pain-free after a few glasses of wine. Maybe alcohol is your coping mechanism after the death of a loved one or the end of a relationship. This might seem harmless, to begin with, but it can quickly get out of control.  In no time at all, you could crave alcohol from the moment you wake up and stop at nothing to get your fix. This can have significant effects on your work, health and relationships. So if you’re concerned that you’re becoming too reliant on the bottle, here are signs you need to look out for.

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Regularly blacking out

Blackouts occur when someone drinks an excessive amount of alcohol to the point that their body needs to shut down. It can also cause memory loss and leave you in vulnerable and dangerous situations. Many alcoholics find themselves in hospitals or unfamiliar places when they wake up, with no memory of how they got there. This can be extremely distressing, particularly if they have been injured in the process. If this happened on a regular basis, it should definitely give you and your loved ones a huge cause for concern. If this has happened to you on multiple occasions, consider why you are drinking such large amounts. This is a strong indicator that you are not dealing with an underlying issue in the right way.


Hiding your drinking habits

Lying about how much alcohol you drink or drinking excessively alone are both common warning signs of an alcohol problem. This is something that people with a dependence do in an attempt to make their drinking seem normal. It is often due to embarrassment or being in denial about their addiction. Hiding the problem makes it easier for the addict to continue without getting anyone else involved. But this is actually extremely dangerous as it makes the addiction harder to spot. If this is something you do, get in touch with a low-cost alcohol rehab as soon as possible. They can recommend suitable programs for you to start that can help you deal with your alcoholism.

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Not being able to stop

An inability to control and stop drinking alcohol is another clear sign that you have developed a dependence. You might feel like you need to finish a whole bottle of wine once you’ve opened it. Or you may feel anxious about leaving a glass half empty. You might have a can of beer and before you know it you’ve consumed the entire six-pack. This shows that your drinking is out of control, and if it’s available to you, you cannot stop yourself. If this is a sign you have noticed, you need to check yourself into a suitable rehab facility straight away.


If you have noticed each of these warning signs, visit your doctor straight away. They will be able to get you the help you need to deal with your dependency quickly and professionally.


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