All That Glitters: Three Steps To A Knockout Winter Party Look

Now is the perfect time to start getting ready for all those fabulous winter parties that will soon be upon us. Although, as any girl knows it is a bit more complicated than just picking out a half decent frock and hoping for the best. That is why you should follow the three-step guide below, so you can achieve a genuinely glittering, knockout look for the winter fun.

Step 1 – Preparation Is Everything


First on the list of preparations that you need to get done is to get your skin sorted. After all, there is no point having the most on-trend dress, gorgeous hair, and then have your skin like it’s been given the once-over with a cheese grater! Ruddy, rough skin is nobody’s friend!

Of course, that means protecting it from the harsh winter elements, so intense moisturisers are a must. Just remember to use them at night when you have thoroughly cleaned your face, as this is when they are most effective.
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For the day a light moisturiser will work, as long as either that or your foundation has an SPF in. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean that your skin isn’t vulnerable UVA and UVB rays you know? So to ensure it looks its best come winter party time you need to make the time and effort to care for it now.

Feeling And Looking Good

Next, its that time of year when many of us are thinking about getting ourselves in order to look our best in the slinkiest of party dresses.

However, with so many options to improve how we look and feel out there, which is the best to pick? Well, detoxing is a sensible strategy for improving general health and looking great. This is because not only does it promotes a healthy diet by increasing raw natural foods and decreasing anything process, but it also highlights the importance of hydration in getting the toxins to flush from your system. You can even treat yourself to a detox massage to aid with this process, as this will help to drain the lymph system and polish your skin. Helping you to lose weight and polish your skin so you will be glowing too once winter party season comes around.


Last, in the preparation stage, you have to start doing a little research on the styles and colours of the season. Take a note of the things that you like, the accessories that appeal to you and what might work with your colouring and proportions. As this can help when you get to the next stage, as well as providing something to get excited about.

Step 2 – Gorgeous Garments


Of course, one of the most critical aspects of a knockout winter party look is the outfit that you choose, and there are many different factors that you need to get right to find the perfect one.

The first of these is colour, and this season there is new a refreshing palate to choose from. First think muted jewel tones in magenta and emerald, as well as army green, equally fabulous in anything with lace or velvet. Then there is classic black, but with a rich, opulent mineral twist. For those of you that feel this is all a bit Gothic and vampy, don’t freak out, as cream, white and silvers are all in too. Colours and tones that proving a lighter but still luxurious palate to choose your perfect party dress from.


One of the best things about the winter season is the fascinating fabrics that are used in the clothes. This season there are a plethora of luxe finishes like silk, velvet, and lace to choose from.

The key here to looking your best is to get the contrast right. You want to look feminine and sexy but also keep that vein of edgy-luxe beauty. This can be done to significant effect by combining the different fabrics that are on trend right now to provide some serious interest and contrast the outfit that you choose. Try lace and velvet, lace and silk, or silk and velvet to ensure you glitter at every winter party.


Probably the thing that us girls are most concerned about regarding party outfits is the actual style of the garment we will be rocking at this year’s big get-together. Dresses are of course, fashionable, but do think about the mood of the gathering before you plump for this option without any thought. While there are some divine classic 50’s inspired and slip dresses in silk, or some sleek numbers in lace to choose from, you don’t have to wear a dress, you know! 

So for something a little different, why not consider a skirt and top look combining lace and silk? You could also try a suit in velvet for a modern and bold, yet feminine look that is sure to make you shine wherever you go.

Step 3 – The Finishing Touches

So now you have done your groundwork and picked your outfit, you are on the home stretch, but you aren’t quite at the finish line yet! In fact, the last thing that you need to get sorted are the finishing touches.


The first of these being the right accessories to wear with your outfit. This means shoes, a purse, and some jewellery that compliment your look.

As you know the colour pallet for this season already, you would do well to keep to this in selecting your accessories, with, of course, the exception of some old gold. New, shiny gold hardly ever look good no matter how much you spend on it, but vintage old gold can class up an outfit no end, whether you choose to use it in your jewellery, shoes or even as the colour for your clutch. It will look just divine next to the muted rich greens and reds this season, and will also set of cream and white silk perfectly. Only, remember to limit it to one or two accessories though, and go for a classic black or the same colour for the rest of your outfit, so it doesn’t become overwhelming.

Hair Styles

Next, it’s time to think about how to wear your hair for maximum impact. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that your hair doesn’t matter here, as it truly does! What is the point of going all out and putting so much effort into your entire look if you are just going to toss your hair upside down and blast it with the dryer?

So give a little though to the style that will best complement your outfit. Long dresses always look better with smart updos like Gibson Rolls. Luckily, these aren’t too hard to DIY, especially if you get special tools, and look at the tutorials on Youtube.

If you are rocking a V-necked outfit, then go for a half up and half down look that will give you volume in the right places. While an asymmetric outfit can be counter pointed by hair swept to the other side. If you are wearing anything strapless, consider having all of your hair down. Just ensure that you have had a recent cut and colour and that you get as much volume into your style as you can beforehand.

Of course, if the stress of getting your hair and outfit right is a bit much you can always book in with your local salon and ask them to style it for you for the big night. Just remember to take a picture with you to give them a hint of what you are looking for.


Shoes are the last finishing touch that needs to be sorted, and they are important too because they can really make or break an outfit. Also, winter parties can make picking the right pair a tough decision because you want something that will survive the journey and look spectacular when you get there.

The best advice here is to make sure that you get a taxi or Uber to your party and then you can wear any shoe that you want, as long as you can dance in them! Winter get-togethers aren’t a time for chunky boots or sensible soles, so live a little and choose something that will make your feet look as gorgeous as the rest of you.


In particular, vampy punk heels are super on trend this season, and will look great under a velvet suit, a skirt and blouse combo, as well as with a dress. Alternatively, a patent black ankle boot, especially ones with the toes cut out, or in that classic 80’s V-shaped style can give the right amount of masculine energy to a feminine outfit to ensure it seems edgy and fashion forward without being over the top. Allowing you to look and feel like a real knockout at your winter party.


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