All Eyes On Me: Influential 101

Do you want people to rely on your opinion to take big decisions? There’s a sense of power and self-worth that come from being able to influence others. Not in a manipulative manner, of course. But the ability to be listened to and trusted in society and your business life is priceless. It’s the indication that you have become an influential individual, you’re someone who counts. However, while most dream of becoming influential, only a few make it. If you believe that influence comes from your net worth, then you can be reassured. You don’t need to expose your bank account details to others to receive their loyalty and trust. Instead, you need to build a great first impression, so that people immediately are positively biased towards you. Then, it’s likely that you’ll attract more attentive ears if you’ve made a living out of your influential expertise, such as building a successful business, for instance. And finally, an influential individual is above all a nice person.

 Oprah Winfrey, an influential business lady like no other

#1. Make the first impression count

The first impression is a complex phenomenon. It’s a mixture of how you behave, what you wear, and what you own. While your wealth is not a promise of influence, you still need to invest in your overall appearance to make it work. For a start, if you’re in a position where you’re often on the road to meet new people, the car you drive will be a factor of the impression you create. A high-quality and good-looking car, such as a Lexus or an Audi, will cast a positive light on you and make you appear more professional! Additionally, dressing for the part is equally important. There’s nothing worse than going to a business appointment in a pair of jeans. Why so? Because even if casual fashion is accepted in an office, your interlocutor will expect a tailored suit from a professional. If you don’t dress for the part, people don’t take you seriously.

#2. Everybody likes an entrepreneur

For most influential people, there is a business that can justify their expertise. For instance, if you want to build your image as an influential blogger, you’ll need to start a serious blogging business. Consequently, you’ll find it more difficult to be listened to if you have not yet started your own business. Consider your area of expertise – whether it is digital marketing, hospitality, education, etc. – and embrace the entrepreneurial life. Too stressful? Consider writing a book about your expertise instead, which allows you to introduce yourself as a published writer in your domain of expertise.

#3. Be nice or be gone

Last, but not least, an influential person is someone who has established the necessary credibility to be listened to. While your appearance and your professional expertise matter, these essential charismatic habits will help you to get other people’s attention. For a start, believing in yourself is essential. If you don’t, why should others believe in you? But more importantly, you need to treat people with respect, politeness, and interest. Yes, you’re an influential expert, but that doesn’t mean you’re better than them. Nobody likes a rude, obnoxious smart-ass!

In conclusion, building an influential persona is about the right attitude: How you look, what you say and how you say will transform you from the average Jane Doe into the next business celebrity.


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