All You Need To Know About Tetra Paks

The first thing that should strike your mind when using tetra paks is which recycling bin do you put it into? Here is all that you may want to know about Tetra Paks and Tetra Pak recycling and what this packaging species promises to offer.

The Two Varieties Of Tetra Paks

Tetra paks are of two types. These are aseptic rectangular boxes that fold on the top. They look more like soup cartons, and you can put them in your cupboard. The second is the tabletop which looks like a regular milk carton. This is the one you put in your fridge.

Both of these varieties may come with a plastic spot and a lid. A Tetra pak is light in weight which makes it a huge hit among food distributors.

Tetra Paks Are Revolutionary

The milk and juices stored in a Tetra Pak do not use any preservatives. So how do these stay fresh and maintain their high quality? Thanks to Tetra Pak and its revolutionary packaging method that keeps the products safe and fresh, and also makes Tetra Pak recycling possible.

Made of six layers, tetra paks keep the liquids protected from air, sunlight, and germs. The six special layers are made using three materials. The main ingredient used is paperboard which is a recyclable raw material that uses wood. The optimum amount of paperboard is used to ensure that the packaging is sturdy and stable.

Polyethylene is used as an adhesive layer between the two layers, and it seals the liquid protecting it from external moisture. The third ingredient used is aluminum which creates a barrier against oxygen and light and eliminates the need for refrigeration. This thus prevents any spoilage and lets the beverage stay fresh without any preservatives.

Here is the order that makes the six layers of the Tetra Pak.




Aluminum foil



This layering lets the products in the package stay fresh for months without the need for any refrigeration. The Tetra Paks production chain is sterile and hygienic ensuring that only the best quality products reach you.

Why Use Tetra Pak To Store Milk?

When you boil and reboil the milk on high flame for an extended period, it starts to affect the nutritional content in the milk, particularly the B group proteins. Excess heat causes these vitamins to evaporate. Thus only one single boil is enough to retain the milk’s nutrients.

Opting for a Tetra Pak is the best solution here. Usually, there are chances of adulteration and microbial contamination, which could pose health risks when you use a standard milk package. This is where the aseptic packaging comes as a boon. It uses ultra-high temperature UHT or high-temperature short time HTST technology where the milk is heated at a prescribed temperature and for just a few seconds. It is then cooled down and transferred to a Tetra Pak.

This method protects the microbes from entering the milk and also takes care to maintain the nutrition strength of the product. 

Use Tetra Pak For Unadulterated Products

Once the Tetra Pak is open, you should refrigerate and consume the milk within two to three days. The aseptic package is environmentally friendly and also prolongs the shelf life. It eases transportation and prevents adulteration.

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