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Are You Looking After Your Teeth?

Looking after your teeth is essential to good health. Looking after your teeth well can mean that they look whiter and cleaner. Giving you a more confident smile and helping you to look and feel younger. But, it’s not just about how you look. Failing to take care of your teeth can lead to pain and discomfort which sometimes becomes unbearable. It can cause gum disease, which can turn into a lifelong problem. Tooth decay can leave you needing painful and expensive dental treatment, and in the worst cases can mean that you can’t enjoy the foods that you love. Poorly looked after teeth can even lead to cancer of the mouth over time. So, you need to look after your teeth.

Most of us, think that we do. We brush them morning and night, and we avoid fizzy drinks and think that this is enough to give us clean and healthy mouths. But, when you remember that these teeth have to last for the rest of your life, you might start to wonder if you are actually doing enough for them.


Do You Brush for Two Minutes?

Most of us think that we brush for two minutes. Of course we do, we’ve always done it. Two minutes isn’t very long. But, have you ever actually used a timer? Set a stop clock on your phone and you might find that your usual brushing routine is a lot shorter than two minutes. Use a stop clock or egg timer every day to make sure you are brushing enough.

Do You Brush Everywhere?

When we get used to something, we stop paying attention to what we are doing. You probably don’t put much thought into brushing your teeth. Next time, think about it. Are you brushing every area of your mouth? Including your very back teeth, the backs and your tongue?

Do You Floss?

Most of us tell our dentists that we floss. You might even do it for a few days before your visit. But, do you do it every day and after meals? Leftover food stuck between your teeth can cause plaque, erosion, and cavities. Even when you can’t feel anything.

Some people struggle to floss, and interdental brushes are becoming more commonly recommended. These are generally much easier to use and less likely to get stuck.

Do You Go for Regular Check-ups?

It’s amazing how many adults are scared of the dentist. This fear often puts people off visiting until there’s a problem. Some of us aren’t scared. We just don’t see the point in taking a trip to our dentist if there’s nothing wrong. But, the truth is, you won’t know until it’s too late. Visiting your Dentist In New York every six months gives them a chance to spot signs of problems and correct them before they start to cause you pain or discomfort.

If you suffer from anxiety before a trip to the dentist, the first thing you might want to consider is trying a new practice. The right dentist, like Bowral Street Dental Practice, can help you to feel comfortable and at ease.

Make looking after your teeth part of your routine. Just a few small changes can help you to look and feel much better, and give your teeth the chance to last a lifetime.

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