The Areas Of Your Living Room Nobody Ever Cleans

We all like to keep our home in tip-top shape. Some of us have very regular cleaning schedules where we tidy things up every week or so. Others leave bigger gaps but give a more thorough clean every month or two. Either way, I’m sure most of you would like to admit that your homes are nice and clean.

However, there are certain areas of certain rooms that often get neglected by even the most meticulous of cleaners. Today, we’re looking specifically at the living room. If you like this piece, then maybe I’ll write one for every other room in the house too! For now, we’re going to take a peek at some areas of your living room that never ever get cleaned.


The Corners Of The Room

I find that so many of us neglect to clean right into the corners of our living room. Normally, it’s because there’s something blocking the way like a TV unit, bookcase, etc. Or, it’s because we just don’t think about cleaning the corners because they don’t attract our attention. We focus on the main areas, meaning the corners can become a haven for dust and cobwebs. Give them a quick clean, and your living room will look a lot better.


The Couch

Now, some of you might say hang on a minute, I clean my couch all the time! Sure, some of us give the surface a quick wipe with a cloth or a little vacuum to get some of the dust off. But, how many of you properly take out all the cushions and clean down the side of your couch? Anyone? Thought not! It’s a task no one likes to do because it can be a bit grubby and you think; what’s the point? To make your life easier, you could look for a service like Central Home Services couch cleaner to take care of this task for you. The benefit of this is that you get other people to handle a slightly disgusting task, leaving you with more free time to take care of other cleaning chores that aren’t as bad!


Under The Furniture

Following on from not cleaning your couch, this reminded me of another area of your living room that never gets cleaned; the space under your furniture. How often do you move your couch, armchairs, tables, and anything else, out of the way to clean underneath? For me, I’m ashamed to admit it’s almost never. Again, people don’t see the point because other people can’t see it. But, you could be harbouring dust mites, dirt, and other gross things. Don’t be lazy, move your furniture and give your home a proper clean.

So, do you agree with me? Are these areas of your living room that often get neglected? I’m sure most of us don’t like to admit to it because it makes us feel like we’re not cleaning our home! Next time you give your living room a quick clean, remember these three areas as well!


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  • Bill Gartner

    Some of us (ahem) are also super guilty of not cleaning ceiling / corner, and not cleaning window treatments. It makes such a big difference!

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