5 Ways You Can Create A Stylish Industrial Interior For Your Home

2017 will be known as the year that everyone went mad for minimalism and started decluttering their homes to the max! It should also be known as the year that we all fell in love with the industrial look. You probably aren’t convinced that the  industrial look is indeed the way forward. You are probably thinking that industrial doesn’t shout stylish and comfort. Well, you would be wrong. We really should be embracing the industrial trend. It’s raw and it’s very, very now.

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What Is The Industrial Look?

The industrial look is very functional but it is also super stylish. Design enthusiasts everywhere are going crazy for the industrial trend because it’s a look that you can introduce into your home relatively easy and without spending a fortune. Architect Amanda Yates has embraced the industrial look in her seaside home and she shared the results with Dwell . The result is a stunning home with sloping concrete walls. Not convinced by concrete walls? There are other ways that you can add the industrial look to your home.

5 Ways You Can Add The Industrial Look To Your Home

Look 1 – Exposed Pipes

We no longer need to spend a fortune getting our pipes boxed in. Instead we should be leaving them exposed and embracing the unfinished look. Contrast it with white walls for a very on trend look.

Look 2 – Concrete Floors

Concrete floors are raw but also incredibly beautiful. Hire a company like fkrconstructions.com.au who will help you create the concrete floor of your dreams. A polished concrete floor not only looks stunning but it is also incredibly practical too. You won’t have to worry about telling everyone to take their shoes off when they come round to visit!  

Look 3 – Stainless Steel Kitchen

Impress your guests with a sublime stainless steel kitchen. You will have a kitchen that any chef would be jealous of. The perfect place for you to create your culinary masterpieces. It’s also a very durable kitchen and resilient to almost anything. That means that you don’t need to panic when your friend spills wine in your kitchen! You will have a stylish but also very practical kitchen.

Look 4 – Exposed Brick
An exposed brick wall will add an industrial twist to your home. You could have a focal wall or you could use it in your fireplace. You can also fake a brick wall with wallpaper. Perhaps you don’t have good enough brick walls. Don’t worry because you can get very good wallpaper that looks like an actual brick wall. That means when you get tired of your look you can just take it down.

Look 5 – Lighting

Industrial lighting will help you shine brightly! You can pick up industrial lighting with porcelain enamelled shades. This is a very popular look right now and you can pick up lights like this from most lighting shops. You could add a large pendant light to your dining area and have it over the table. This will subtly bring the industrial look into your home.


Have I inspired you to add the industrial look to your home?  


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