Basement Ideas That Totally Rock

If you’ve got a basement, there’s a good chance that it’s in need of a bit of TLC. So often, basements are left to their own devices, never really amounting to much. But with a helping hand and a little inspiration, you can transform an unloved space into something very special indeed. Take a look at some of these ideas for boosting your basement’s appeal.

Create A New Living Room Space

Basements are a great place for the kids to hang out or for the man of the house to get his buddies round and watch sports. But finding an efficient layout for a basement space can be difficult. The best basements are those where the seating is arranged around some form of focal point – the TV or a fireplace – allowing everybody to see each other.


Create An Office Space

Basement offices are often large since the basement regularly runs the entire length of the house. But all too often that space isn’t used very well. Office desks are crammed into a corner, right up against the wall, leaving the rest of the square footage entirely unused.

Cramming desks up into the corner doesn’t look good, especially if you’ve got plenty of space. It’s a good idea, therefore, to bring the desk more into the center of the room, giving you a feeling of space while you work. Even better, surround the desk with bookshelves, allowing you to store your files and your work materials for easy access.

Sort Out The Area Under The Stairs

Some basements are used as storage rooms and never reach their potential. The space under the stairs is jammed with household items and old toys which are rarely used, if ever. What’s more, many basements are abandoned once they’ve been flooded which, according to this website, can lead to pest control issues.


It’s never too late, however, to turn that unloved space under the stairs into a hub for all the family. Because of their large size, basements are usually the perfect place to experiment with open plan living. Get rid of all the junk and out in a dining table as well as rugs and sofas. Not only will you have more space, but you’ll also have a cool place to entertain guests.

Use Temporary Walls And Room Dividers

Making your own room divider is surprisingly easy. All you really need is an assortment of pallets, and you can divide up your living space in your basement in whatever way you want. Getting the relevant permits to install new dividing walls can be a time-consuming process, thanks to legal and tax issues. But putting up a temporary wall doesn’t come with the same bureaucratic baggage. You just install the wall and go.

Use Chain Lighting

Because basements don’t get much natural light, it’s essential to get artificial lighting right. An idea that is trendy right now is to use chain lighting by hanging a string of bulbs across the entire length of the ceiling in a criss-cross pattern.


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