Exercising Blues: Don’t Let These Issues Stop You

Exercising is an important part of our well being that simply should not be ignored. It contributes to a happy and healthy life and ensures we stay fit and able to conquer whatever life throws at us. The benefits are huge, with those who exercise far fitter and healthier than those who do not. However, there are various things in life that can stop us exercising at all. These need to be overcome at the nearest opportunity. Whatever stands in the way of you exercising also stands in the way of your health, and that is not good. Although you may do it for your health, there are others who exercise as part of a hobby they enjoy. This can be people who enjoy team sports like football or basketball or even someone who enjoys tennis. If you can’t do your hobby then you are naturally going to gradually become more and more upset. Here are some of the most common blocks that can stop you exercising and how you can knock them down and continue doing what you love/what keeps you fit.

Body Fitness Issues

There are a myriad of issues which can affect exercise and unfortunately some mean you may have to do something else. One of the worst are achy legs because unfortunately it could mean you need to change your type of exercise entirely to something which isn’t as taxing, which puts the majority of team sports, running and cycling out. However, whatever is affecting your body can potentially be fixed. Go to see a doctor and perhaps there is a cure for what afflicts you. It may require surgery or something far less serious like drugs to bring down inflammation. A physiotherapist of chiropractor can ease bad joints and bones and help you feel ready for exercise again. There are people who can help you get over the block and succeed. Don’t let these get you down. Sure, you will have to put the work in to overcome them but in doing so you will be a stronger and better person.
Someone Stopping You

This can be the case if you find a new partner who doesn’t really like exercising. Perhaps it’s just something that they don’t enjoy, and that is fine. Different people like different things. But it should not stop you from doing what you enjoy. Give them a choice, they can either stay home or come. You may be able to turn them into an avid exerciser themselves. But if not, put your foot down and be clear that you want to continue doing what you love. If they still try to stop you, you need to ask yourself why and maybe reassess the dynamics of the relationship.

Work Issues

If your boss is constantly giving you more things to do that aren’t fare and are stopping you exercise then tell him. If he still carries on doing it then consider complaining.  Your company will want you happy at work and being able to be at your best because then you are more productive and get work done. If you aren’t happy you are less productive. Don’t be afraid and speak your mind. Otherwise you will be the one who suffers as you’ll have a dramatically increasing workload which steadily eats into your exercise time.


These can be hard to avoid. You may have children who need to be ferried to various after school activities or perhaps you have dates with friends and loved ones who you don’t see very often. The key is working your exercise into your life no matter what. Try quick short bursts. Just because you can’t go running for an hour doesn’t mean you can’t go for half an hour. Employ a positive mindset and you can see what you can achieve no matter what commitments are there. Try getting up a little earlier, or going to sleep a little later. This way you can fit your exercise needs in.


Sometimes things in life cause anxiety out of nothing. You’ll be fine, then all of a sudden you’ll feel pretty low and down. It may stop going out and getting the exercise you enjoy. But don’t let this stop you. Buy a treadmill so you can run indoors. Get some weights so you can train your body outside of a gym. Millions of people exercise indoors and if you don’t feel you can or feel you need a break then doing this means you can still get your fix and stay fit until you work around whatever is bothering you.

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