Save Money on Your Bathroom Renovation with These Quick Techniques


There comes a time when you need to renovate your bathroom. Perhaps you just moved into a new house, and it needs to be more your style. Or maybe you’ve had the same bathroom for a long time, and it’s time for a change. Whatever your reason for a renovation, it can cost a lot to rip everything out and start over. If this is what you want to do, finding ways to save money is a good idea. Setting yourself a budget and spending it wisely will help you keep your expenses down. Use the methods below to save yourself some money on your bathroom remodeling.

Shop the Sales

Just like with any purchase, getting the right timing and the best stores is crucial. If you wait until there are sales on to buy everything from the bathroom suite to accessories, you could save a lot. Of course, there are seasonal sales, but watch out for other occasions too. You might be lucky enough to stumble upon a closing-down sale or a special event. As well as getting the timing right, look for discount stores too. Focus your money on the right things instead of paying high prices for everything. For example, you can use cheap tiles for most of your bathroom, but use luxury ones for accents.

Repair Instead of Replace

You don’t have to replace everything in the bathroom. You might have some elements that you can repair or re-purpose to save yourself some money. For example, instead of getting a new bathtub, you can resurface it or repair chips. It’s easy to use a kit, or getting a professional resurfacer in, to make your tub look like new again. It’s much cheaper than buying another one, and you could do similar things with other items too. You can replace faucets in baths and basins, instead of getting rid of the whole thing.

Do It Yourself

A lot of people will hire a contractor to do their bathroom. However, you can save money by doing some or all of it yourself. A few of the plumbing tasks may be a bit too complicated, but some are very straightforward. For example, putting a new bathtub in is relatively simple for someone who enjoys DIY. If you can’t do the whole room yourself, you can get a contractor to do some of it and finish the rest on your own.

Use Recycled Materials

Choosing your materials carefully can also save you some money. If you want to make your renovation greener, you can find recycled items that will work. For example, you can buy reclaimed terracotta to use as your tiling. You can also use recycled materials to make new counter tops, wastepaper baskets and put in new basins. Look at what’s available and be creative. You can find some great uses for unexpected items and save a lot of money.

Your bathroom remodelling doesn’t have to be extremely expensive. Use these smart methods and you could lower your budget by a substantial amount.

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