Use Our Basic Guide For Redesigning A Room In Your Home


Home redesign can be fun, particularly if you are focussing on one room in your house that you are going to make look awesome. But, it can difficult to know where to start and how to begin. Obviously, you do not want to spend a fortune but you also want to see big results. But the good news is you can ensure this happens by following my simple guide. I am going to walk you through the big steps you need to take when redesigning your home the right way.

1) Avoid Renovation!

Yes, it might be tempting to completely change a room in your home but just think about that for a second. That probably means pulling up carpets, making a place bigger and messing around with the insulation. You can do all this sure, but it is going to take a lot of time and effort. It is much easier doing a simple redesign, honest.

 2) How Much Will It Cost?

You have to answer this question before the process begins. Otherwise, you can get lost in a maze of spendings. Trust me, it does not matter whether you are just updating your furniture. You can still end up paying a small fortune that you might not have been able to afford. If you are thinking about hiring professionals to help with the redesign, aim for a couple of thousand. If you are planning on doing the job entirely yourself, try to keep it under one thousand. These are good fixed prices for a room redesign.

3) Inspiration And Ideas

I like to think big when redesigning a room, even if I ultimately end up choosing a smaller option. Try being bold and then working your way down to a design that you can afford. For instance, you can start on the website of a company like Lamps and Lighting. They have a huge range of pictures for different light fixtures that might look fantastic in your room. You can use a site like this to see how incredible the outcome of a room design can really be.

 4) Little Changes

If you like, you do not have to start by redecorating the entire room. You can just make small changes and keep going until you get the effect that you want. For instance, try moving the furniture around and adding accessories. A coffee table can centre the room and make it look ultra stylish. You can also add some copies of famous paintings on the walls to give the space some character. These simple changes may be all that you need.


5) Go Bigger

Still not happy with your room? Then keep working up. You can upgrade the furniture suite in the room and immediately make it more modern. This will commonly cost around five hundred, but will still keep your redesign in a budget. You can think consider repainting and choosing a colour that accentuates the best features of the space. If you want the room to look bigger, try a light or bright colour as this will reduce shadow.


Follow this guide and I think you will be more than happy with the way your room looks. But if not, you can always speak to a designer and get some expert advice on how to best use the space.


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