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Everyone relies on their body to give them a huge amount of information about the world around them. The complexity of the calculations our brains have to make is only possible thanks to the hundreds of different senses our body can feel. Equilibrium is a great example of this. Bodies are able to balance themselves while moving, often without any conscious effort from the brain. Unfortunately, though, people don’t often consider the true importance of this part of their body. This sort of attitude can often lead to people damaging or losing their senses. So, to help you out, this post will be going through your four most important sense; and, what you have you do to keep them safe.

Most people struggle to conceive the idea of blindness. Living in the dark isn’t something you want. But, unfortunately, despite this, over 3% of Americans over forty suffer with blindness. And, this is a shame. Often, the conditions which cause people to go blind are easily treated. Something like Glaucoma can’t be reversed; but, it can be treated. Going to see a professional eye doctor is a great way to ensure that you keep this part of your body healthy. But, you should also consider how your eyes are protected from normal life. Always protect your eyes; especially against sunlight, smoke, and debris.

Next, it’s time to think about hearing. Like sight, our hearing is used to build a picture of the world around us. In the modern world, this is one of the most important senses. For one, you use your sense of sound to communicate with others and enjoy entertainment. But, more importantly, hearing is used as a secondary protection against danger. For example, crossing a road you may not see a car coming round the bend; but, you will almost certainly hear it. One of the best ways to ensure good health in your hearing is avoiding loud noises. For example, listening to music above 100 decibels can damage your hearing after just 15 minutes. If you already have issues, you only have one choice; visit an expert like to help you. This way, at least, you will have the best chance at a good solution.

The next two items in this post are both related to one another. It’s common knowledge that our sense of smell makes up for a large portion of our sense of taste. But, our sense of smell does more than just this. Smells are one of the biggest cues in our brains to trigger the release of certain chemicals. For example, smells can make you happy or sad. And, this is why we remember them so well. One of the biggest impacts on your ability to smell things is smoking. Regularly smoking tobacco damages your sense of smell; making it hard for you to smell anything less potent. Along with this, you should always avoid foreign objects entering the nose. When you don’t have a sense of smell; you won’t be able to taste much, anymore, either. But, they’re not exclusive to one another. Eating things that are very sweet will make it harder for you to taste other things. But, having variety will have the opposite effect.


Hopefully, this post will give you a good idea of what can be done; if you want to start protecting the senses you hold dear. Not a lot of people think about this part of their body. Instead, they will only consider the visible side of things. But, to be truly healthy; you have to consider everything.

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    I totally agree with the sense of smell, right just before I received your email I was looking up Room Sprays on Google because I have a beautiful bunch of roses but can’t smell them in the room, you have to go right up to it to get that Rose fragrance. I really want a product that gives a sense of calmness and peace in the room, do you have any suggestions? I found a relaxing lavender one on I Herb which is only $7.54. Might add that to my list!!!!

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