Creating a Luxury Laundry Room for Your Home

Having a dedicated room where you can do your laundry helps to make your home a lot more organised. You don’t have to deal with doing laundry in the kitchen or bathroom or not knowing where to store your essential laundry supplies. You can do everything from the washing and drying to ironing in the same space to keep it all contained. If you currently have a laundry room that’s not living up to its potential or you’re adding one to your home, you need to make sure it meets your needs. There are several considerations you should take into account to get the laundry room you require.

Essential Qualities for Your Laundry Room

Before you start adding anything to your laundry room, you should think about the essential qualities it requires. There are certain things you’ll need for successful clothes washing, from good plumbing to a well-ventilated space. Firstly, you should make sure you have the plumbing you need for a washing machine and dryer, as well as a large sink. Contact your favourite plumbing company to get it all sorted. Having lots of light in your laundry room is also a good idea, and you should make sure you have air vents or can open up a window. If the room you have in mind doesn’t have these qualities, you might need some adjustments.

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The Ideal Elements

So what needs to go in your laundry room? Once you’ve got the structure of it set up, you should think about the equipment you need and how you’re going to use the room. You likely want to have a washing machine and dryer, so are you going to put them side by side or stack them on top of each other? A big sink is a good idea for hand washing or pre-treating clothes, while an indoor clothesline is useful for things that can’t be tumble dried. You’ll also want to have some good task lighting.

Setting Up Storage

Storage is important in a laundry room, both for large items like your ironing board and smaller things like your cleaning supplies. Some people also choose to keep some of their linens or towels in the laundry room for easy access. You should think about your laundry room storage in terms of what you want to keep in there. Think of smart solutions designed to store exactly what you want to store.

Little Extras

There are always small things that can make a big difference in any room. Laundry rooms are often small, so it’s a good idea to think about how to use the space you have. Consider racks and shelves you can pull down from the ceiling or walls, for example. Underfloor heating can help laundry to dry quicker, while an extractor fan can help prevent condensation. These things aren’t essentials, but they are nice to have. Even just something like having a little basket for your clothes pegs makes everything more organised.

Create a new laundry room, and you’ll feel that doing such an essential chore is immediately easier and more satisfying.

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