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With only under a month left of Summer, it is time to make the most of the beach weather and have some fun in the sun.

I don’t know about you but the beach has always been my zen, happy place. I’m not sure whether it is the sound of the waves, the sand under my feet, the cool water lapping at my ankles as I stroll along the waters edge with my dog, Max or just the feeling of the sunshine on my face but there is just something about the beach that has an amazing feel good effect. Don’t you think?

Since I spend a lot of time at our local beach, I will share with you, my essentials to take with you for an amazing and sun safe day at the beach.

Beach Accessories:

Of course, you can’t go to the beach without the right accessories, can you? Drinks and food are essential for a day at the beach but who wants to carry around an Esky or even have hot drinks/ food after sitting in a bag? You need an IceMule. The IceMule is an insulated backpack that can hold ice and not leak as its edges are heat sealed, not sewn. What a great idea!

A towel and mat are also beach essentials but did you know you can purchase towels and mats that are sand resistant? Sand falls straight through the Quicksand Mat and doesn’t come back up.

The Lagu sand repellent blanket is the answer to keeping sand on the beach, not on you…. Or in your car!

The Tillow is a beach towel with a removable pillow, water-resistant pocket, and touchscreen pocket for your media device. It saves your phone from getting sand through it or wet.

The fantastic beach accessories above and the sun shade are all from micro businesses starting out, who have listed their products on Pitchi. Pitchi is an innovative online selling space designed to help showcase, promote and sell new products brought to life by micro businesses. We love supporting start-up and small businesses who are trying to make a go of it, don’t you?

beach accessoriesClockwise: IceMule cooler, Lagu sand resistant beach towel, Quicksand mat and Twillow towel.



Clothing pieces are a significant part of any beach visit. You have to have swimwear and towels. However, if you are going with kids or have incontinence issues, you might want to consider buying unique clothing. In this case, you should purchase leak proof swimwear to carry to the beach. It helps people get to the beach without fearing leaking any urine. It is also fantastic for small kids who can not hold up their urine for long.

When you think of Jeans West, you might think.. off well…. Jeans and casual wear but they also have a gorgeous range of beachwear. Jeans West have a great range of swimwear, dresses and jumpsuits for popping over your swimwear, essential tote beach bags and cute sandals.

Jeans west beach wear swimwear dressClockwise: Jeans West Komo beach dress, Hydra one piece swimsuit and Dash embellished sandal.


Sun protection:

Of course, sun protection is THE most important thing to have at the beach. Sunburn and sun damage are not a good look for anyone! Plus Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world, so we want to prevent that happening to ourselves and our family is adequate sun protection while we get our vitamin D.

We highly recommend Nivea Sun Protect Sunscreen, which has a 50+ SPF rating. We have tried other brands on the market and to say they are useless at the beach is an understatement. The boys and I ended up getting sunburned even after reapplication numerous times. Subsequently, we only use Nivea 50+ now.

Something people forget to do is protect their hair from the damaging sun and sea water. We love Wella’s Sun Protection Spray. The spray effectively helps to protect the hair against UV rays and contains a vitamin complex that hydrates the hair, leaving the hair irresistibly healthy-looking and soft to the touch. It provides high-performance UV protection for before and during sun exposure.

Of course, a wide brimmed hat is essential. As is a high rated pair of sunglasses.

A shade tent is fantastic for escaping the sun when there aren’t any trees around and we love the Sunny Jim Sunshade. It is chic & functional sun shade and boasts the highest UV rating on the market. The sunshade is compact, versatile and comes with a matching yoga bag and is easy to put up. We love that the sunshade lets air flow through underneath it, as the pop-up sunshade tents are like saunas after being in the sun for a while.

sun protection beach

Clockwise: Seed cut out wide brim hat, Nivea Sun Ultra Beach Protect, Sunny Jim Sun shade, Wella Sun Protection Spray, Kate Spade Beryl Sunglasses and Nivea Sun Protect lip balm.


What are your beach essentials?


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