Get the Perfect Wedding Rings with These Quick Tips

wedding rings

Couples often spend a lot of time putting thought into an engagement ring, or even two engagement rings. But what about the wedding rings? You’re hoping to wear them for the rest of your lives, so they’re just as important, if not more so. You might be choosing them while you plan the rest of the wedding, but the rings are for your whole marriage, not just one day. So make sure you put plenty of thought into the rings that you both want to wear. Remember that they don’t have to match, so you can choose one each that suits your tastes and lifestyle. Consider some of the following factors when you’re trying to decide what to get.

wedding rings

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Materials and Their Colors

Traditionally, a wedding ring tends to be a gold band. But not everyone likes yellow gold or can even wear it. Some people have an allergy while others have jobs that would make wearing a gold ring unsafe. There are lots of other options to consider, and your ring doesn’t even have to be metal if you don’t want it to be. You could have another color of gold, such as white or rose. Silver is perfectly acceptable if you wish to save some cash, and platinum is extra flashy. But you could also have a ring made of tungsten, wood or even silicone. Don’t forget to consider practicality, however. A tungsten ring is strong, but this can be both a positive and negative. In an emergency, a gold ring is very easy to cut away; a tungsten ring, not so much!


Plain Bands or Stones

Do you want simple bands, or do you want a diamond or other stone set into them? Although plain bands used to be the norm, gemstones are becoming more popular. Maybe you think your wedding ring is going to pale in comparison to your sparkly engagement ring. A gemstone like the diamonds from Charles Rose can lift it out of the ordinary. However, there are a few things to remember. Firstly, it will make your ring more expensive. If you’re already spending a lot on the wedding, you’ll have another significant cost. Plus, you may have too much sparkle with two diamond rings.



Which shape is best for your wedding rings? Will they be the same shape or will they differ? If you have an engagement ring, you may want to think about how your two rings will sit together. You may not want a gap between them because they can’t sit flush against each other. You can have your ring-shaped so that it’s curved or a round shape. Even if you have a straight band, there are slightly different shapes you can have. Some are completely flat while others have more rounded edges.



Finally, do you want an inscription? Many couples choose to have the wedding date or their initials engraved on the inside or even outside of the ring. You could also have a small quote or a couple of words that mean something to you as a couple.


Choose your rings carefully. They’re a symbol of your marriage, and hopefully you’ll be wearing them for a long time.

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