Top 5 Bedroom Styling Trends


Do you want to update your bedroom but not sure how? Thanks to Super Amart, we show you how to updated your bedroom with the five latest trends in bedroom styling.

Mid-Century Modern

mid century modern

Made popular by Mad Men, today we see almost every home turning towards a timeless Midcentury piece to elevate the appeal of its interior. It’s out with the new and in with the old, as throwbacks to modern design elements from the 50s, 60s, and 70s make their mark with iconic Midcentury decor making its way into the bedroom. But it is not furniture alone that will set the tone, as simple, clean lines coupled with bold colors add to this vibrant theme. Small vintage pieces such as lamps, clocks, planters and cushions in theme will be a big trend.

You can achieve the style above with the Aster 4 Piece Tall Chest Queen Bedroom Suite. We love the modern mid century styling of the bed and drawers.


2. Rustic/ Industrial

Rustic bedroom


Modern interiors, where contemporary design ideas are combined with a gilded antiques,velvet and silk or carved wood accents are mixed with industrial metal details, look stylish, original and unique. Think about a blend of modern and rustic elements instead of fully committing to just one style. Bedroom suites with iron features (such as the handles above), ornate lighting and natural wood, work beautifully with this bedroom style. Also add an antique piece or two to truly give the room an inimitable and exclusive vibe.

The above bedroom suite is the Settler 4 Piece Tall Chest Queen Bedroom Suite, which would be a fantastic starting point for the industrial/ rustic look.


3. Hamptons 

hamptons bedroom

Hamptons style is defined by casual, relaxed beach living but done in a classic and very sophisticated way. The look is bright and breezy, plenty of natural daylight with discreet window treatments to really let the light pour in. How gorgeous is this Hampton’s style bedroom suite?

A white classic style bedroom suit compliments the Hampton’s style brief and the Quebec 4 Piece Tall Chest Queen Bedroom Suite definitely ticks all of the Hampton’s style boxes.

4. Contemporary


contemporary bedroom 2

In contemporary bedrooms you’ll find more traditional or classic pieces along with modern, trendy decor. These modern elements are sleek, clean lines and shapes in architecture, but softened with textiles, such as bedding, window treatments, or pillows. The best description of a contemporary bedroom is functional, fresh, chic look; which still feels warm and welcoming..

Simple, white, classic design is perfect for contemporary styling. The Katie 4 Piece Tall Chest Queen Bedroom Suite is the ultimate in contemporary styling.

5. Natural

Natural bedroom style

Salvaged wood, stone and metal are popular and modern interior design materials, especially fabulous rustic wood, natural light wood and exotic types of wood, colorful stained wood, warmly glowing gold and majestic bronze, elegant granite and luxurious marble are all part of the natural trend. Try adding an indoor plant or two to bring more of the natural element out in your styling.

The natural wood grain of the Silverwood 4 Piece Tall Chest Queen Bedroom Suite is the epitome of natural styling.

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