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Dr Katrina and dog

We all know Dr. Katrina Warren, veterinarian extraordinaire, from shows such as Channel Seven’s Harry’s Practice and in the media as a weekly columnist in publications such as Woman’s Day.

Dr Katrina has been quite busy of late with a fantastic website and Youtube channel, both helping pet owner’s with understanding their furry friend and how to take care of them.

On the 7th of June, Dr Katrina is launching an online course, aptly named “Wonderdog School” to help dog owners train their dogs and stop unwanted behaviour.

Wonderdog School is a new concept in dog training that gives every owner the opportunity to learn how to confidently train and manage their dog. The four week program is a team event, with everyone starting and finishing together. Once underway, a series of exclusive videos, fact sheets and training tips are unlocked. Members can participate in live on-line chat sessions with Dr Katrina and access a range of activities and competitions.
Annoying dog behaviours such as jumping up, toileting in the house, pulling on the lead, barking, food bowl aggression, chewing and digging are unfortunately all too common and can be very hard to live with.

The aim of the course is to minimise dog surrender and euthanasia by owners who can’t control or manage their dogs. Thousands of dogs are surrendered to pounds and welfare shelters across Australia every year.  Dr Katrina, is saddened by the statistics and believes the numbers could be significantly reduced if more owners socialised and trained their dogs.  In a bid to help solve the problem, she’s launched Wonderdog School to help lessen these statistics.

Katrina’s own dog, Riley, a Golden Retriever, was surrendered to a shelter starving, injured and with behavioural problems as a result of mistreatment. She adopted him and, with loving care and consistent training, Riley is now a happy, well behaved dog.

Wonderdog School was created from our genuine love of dogs and our desire to help more owners experience the loyalty, love and fun that a great relationship with a happy, well behaved dog can bring.
Many people want to train their dogs, but don’t want to be locked into giving up their Saturday mornings or weekday evenings to attend traditional dog training classes. And often they don’t know where to find help to solve minor everyday dog behavioural problems. As a result, many dogs are surrendered to pounds & shelters purely due to lack of good training, management & socialisation.
Wonderdog school

Puppy and dog owners can now take part in a fun and interactive four-week online program that delivers a wealth of practical information. The course is a team event with everyone starting and finishing together. Once underway, a series of exclusive videos, fact sheets and training tips are unlocked. Members can participate in live on-line chat sessions with me and Kelly and access a range of activities and competitions.

Wonderdog School provides owners with the tools and resources to train their dog to become a happy, well-behaved companion for life.

To register for Wonderdog School or to find out more information, head to www.wonderdogschool.com

To celebrate the launch of Dr. Katrina’s Wonderdog School, Woman of Style and Substance and Wonderdog School are giving away 5 x free registrations valued at $99 each! All you have to do to enter is fill out the form below. Entries are for Australian residents only. Competition closes at midnight Friday the 5th June 2015. T&C’s below.

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Terms and conditions: Terms and conditions: The “Dr Katina Wonderdog school” giveaway is a game of skill and the winners will be chosen randomly by Rafflecopter. The competition opens Friday 29thMay 12PM EST and closes on Friday 5th June at midnight EST. One entry per person. Australian entries only, sorry. There are 5 prizes to be won, with a total value of $497. The winner will be notified via email. All entries will be signed up to our newsletter upon entry, if you do not wish to sign up to our newsletter please let us know via email. Good luck!



    Comes when he’s called and knows the word ‘sit’. The jumping up and chewing of things, well I’ve had enough of it.

  • Liz

    I need help to have an enjoyable walk with my dog as she currently gets frightened by noises when she is outside of the backyard.

  • Tess Di Pietro

    My girl Lily needs help with constant pulling when on lead, especially when she sees another dog, and she has no road sense at all!!

  • Jessica Ashbrooke

    She needs to stop nipping people especially kids

  • Annamumofone

    My daughter’s dog is just over 12 months old and is a barker – not great when they live in an apartment.

  • eamond tomaszewski

    our new little member bobby needs an all over experience he is very shy

  • catrina murray

    Well! What don’t we need help with!?! Bobby is only 6 months old, so he still has a lot to learn, but he doesn’t seem to be as easy to train as my old dog who picked things up really quickly. Or maybe I’ve lost my touch! He bites us when playing, he doesn’t understand no very well and is proving difficult to toilet train in the colder weather as he won’t go outside willingly! This would be a wonderful relief for us to turn him into a Wonderdog!

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