Best Garden Accessories for Summer

Image by Gellinger via Pixabay

With so many of us trapped indoors around the clock, it’s worth finding almost any excuse to get outside and get some fresh air. This goes double during the summer, when the weather is hot, the birds are singing, and life is good.

Here are a few garden accessories that can help motivate you to spend as much of your summer outside as possible.

Bring out the lights

The party doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down – in fact; it’s probably just beginning! One of the best accessories for any garden is an attractive set of lights. These come in a wide range of different designs and styles. From fairy lights hung up on a lattice or frame, to bamboo torches which can be lit when the occasion is right.

Good lighting isn’t just visually attractive, it also opens the door to all manner of night-time garden events, whether that be after-work barbecues with your family and friends, or simply enjoying the evening air with a glass of wine and a good book.

Introduce your own shade

Abundant heat and sunshine are, of course, the main highlights of summer, but it’s always possible to have too much of a good thing. When “getting your tan on” turns into “getting roasted to a crisp,” you know something’s gone wrong.

Instead of having to retreat indoors whenever the sun or the heat gets too much, invest in some great shade sources for your garden.

These can range from shade sails to gazebos to simple umbrellas.

The key point is that you should always have the option to dip in and out of the shade when you want.

Invest in a shed

The simple garden shed often doesn’t get the respect it deserves. Yet this humble addition to your garden not only has the power to add a romantic, rustic quality to the setting, it’s also the perfect place to store the gardening tools and implements which you’ll no doubt be using endlessly during the hot months.

Or, if you’ve got a better place to keep your gardening equipment, why not turn the shed into an arts or craft area for yourself or your kids? There’s nothing quite like enjoying your hobby with the cool summer breeze wafting in and the sound of birds and laughter resounding in the air.

How about a firepit?

Ever found yourself thinking that you’d really like to be more of a caveman, or that you perhaps didn’t spend enough time roasting marshmallows around the campfire in your childhood?

It’s never too late to correct the mistakes of the past!

A firepit is the perfect garden accessory for capturing the primal wonder of a camping trip and bringing it into your very own garden. No tents required!

All that you really need to create your own firepit is a spade, some stones, and some sand. Of course, if you’d rather go a more creative route, there’s a wide range of iron fixtures and dishes available on the market which can serve the same basic purpose.

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