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How To Freshen Up Your Home In Under A Month

The family home is one of the most important assets in your life. As such, building a better environment should be top of every homeowner’s to-do list. However, we all have other responsibilities to consider.

Regarding home upgrades, we want quick results. Moreover, we want to achieve those improvements without breaking the bank. Finding cost-effective and worthy enhancements may sound impossible. But it doesn’t have to be.

With these quick tricks below, you’ll be able to inject new energy into the home in a matter of weeks. And best of all, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how cheap it is to complete the transformation. What more could you ever ask for to freshen up your home?


Get Cleaning

A clean home is a happy home, and this should be the first step to your transformation. It doesn’t cost much money to complete this task, but the impact it will bring is huge.

We all appreciate the influence that a thorough spring clean can have on the property. This guide to creating a sparkling home will instantly make the home feel like a happier place to live. Meanwhile, decluttering by selling unwanted junk can actively earn some money too. The average household has thousands of dollars tied up in those unnecessary products.

Completing a thorough declutter and cleaning session will freshen up and make a home feel brighter and bigger. Perhaps more importantly, it’s a great starting point to kick your mind into gear too.

Concentrate On Basic Requirements

When thinking about home improvements, most people naturally turn to bigger TVs and cool gadgets. In truth, it’s the fundamental features that will have the biggest impact on your home life. Therefore, they must be a priority.

The best way to brighten up your home is to do it in a literal sense. Increasing the natural light is a great way to make rooms feel bigger and better. If you are concerned about privacy, window films will allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds.

It’s equally imperative that you think about the temperature. Of course, a basic human requirement, and improving the insulation should be a key priority for your home transformation. It’s not all about keeping the heat in, though. Repairing you a/c system to its former glory won’t cost much money, but it will make a world of difference on those sticky afternoons.

Add Security


There’s nothing worse than feeling vulnerable inside your own property. Sadly that’s the case for many homeowners in today’s climate. Protecting your property from burglars won’t only keep assets safe. Most crucially, it will keep your family safe too.

Modern technology enables you to achieve the goal of a secure home at minimal cost and hassle. Installing CCTV and alarm systems are simple additions. But there’s no substitute for the peace of mind that they’ll bring. If this doesn’t enhance your relationship with the property, nothing will.

After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Go Outside

If you are lucky enough to have a garden, then you should learn to appreciate just how special this part of the property can become. It’s easy to forget about this area, but it could add a whole new dimension to the home. So stop letting it go unappreciated.

Getting the space restored to a good condition can be the hardest task of all. However, experts like Jim’s Mowing can take care of those gardening issues. Once the canvas is back to great health, the possibilities are endless. Simply planting a few flower beds or growing fruit and veg will take the appearance to a new level. And you’ll soon love spending time outside.

Alternatively, you could build a cheap and simple decking area. Doing this will create the perfect venue for summer BBQs and gatherings. Ultimately, the home is a place for leisure. This is the ideal way to embrace those sentiments.

Convert The Guest Room

There’s nothing worse than wasted space. Sadly, that’s a trap that far too many homeowners fall into. The biggest source of problems is the guest room. Does it really make sense to dedicate an entire room for those two weekends a year when friends or family come over to stay? Of course, it doesn’t.


You’d be far better off turning it into a home office, gym or playroom. It will feel like extended the property without taking on the hassle or expense of doing it. Aside from gaining the benefits of having this dedicated space, you’ll also see an indirect improvement on other rooms. For example, an office will free up the area currently used for filing.

Let’s face it; most of us with we had a bigger property. This is the next best solution. The fact it will add value to the home is another bonus too.


Buying new items for the home makes us feel great. However, it can mean spending a lot of time, money and energy. However, there is another option. Upcycling has seen a huge resurgence in popularity, and the home is a perfect way to celebrate those ideas.

There are various items that could be upcycled to create a fresh vibe in your home. Furniture for the garden is a common solution. Meanwhile, old toys can become decorative pieces in a child’s bedroom.

The only thing stopping you is your imagination. For the sake of a few hours work, you could save huge money. Moreover, those unique items can be the secret to making a house a home. Perfect.


When looking for quick and cheap home improvements, you’ll want to find ideas that bring a noticeable impact. Nothing influences our interactions with a room quite like the color. Quite frankly, a few coats of paint is the easiest way to generate a new atmosphere.

As long as you prep the walls first, you shouldn’t encounter any major problems. For a modern appearance, you could paint three walls in a base color. Use the final wall as a feature, and you’ll have that contemporary feel in no time. The ultimate freshen up!

This is a job that can be completed in just one weekend and for minimal cost. With the reward of a stunning transformation on offer, it has to be a winning option.

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