Break Free From Your Old Style and Rediscover The New ‘You’

With time, your personal style undergoes various changes as you grow and experiment with different roles. When you are a college student, your personal style can be anything from a chirpy bubbly person loving all kinds of prints and colours to a serious nerdy monochromatic look. As you gradually levitate to your professional life, your entire closet undergoes a complete overhaul, saying hello to formal outfits and co-ord sets.

With the constant juggle between your work and home, it is quite often that you may find next to no time to go out to enjoy a normal life. But when you do, there are many times when you want to step out for that brunch and then you realize that you have nothing suitable to wear. Current times can become quite boring and uneventful, leading you to make choices which no longer look appealing or exude fun. But with quirky and little fun options you can easily change that around. Irrespective of what your style has been already, you can always introduce new facets to it which will help you to rediscover the new you. Following are some of the ways that can help you.

Redefine Your Style

After having the same style for the longest while, it is necessary that you change your personal style statement so that it no longer looks like the older you. For this, you do not necessarily need to go through any remarkable changes but with subtle notes, you can bring in a lot of difference. For example, it could be possible that you may have a certain piece of clothing which you love wearing but it looks a bit unflattering as it comes loose in certain ends. You can enhance the look by easily getting it altered to suit your measurements as of recent times.

Similarly, if you think that an old piece of coat needs to be refashioned into something to cater to a newer style, you should do so without any hesitation. Also, another way is to rewrite the rules of fashion yourself. You can always wear your wardrobe pieces in different ways to create more styles out of them. For example, if you think your office shirt can only be worn within the work premises, maybe pairing it with a shorter jacket can surprise you.

Get Rid of Unalluring Pieces
No matter how much love you may have for certain items in your closet, if they have not been worn for the longest time, chances are they never will be. The best thing to do in this kind of scenario is to get rid of them to make space in your wardrobe for the things that deserve the most. Any unworn or unfitting clothes of the past which you may have gloriously held onto with the hope that you will maybe wear them one day have to go away. If you do not want to be wasteful, you can always donate it to people who need it in thrift stores or charity houses.

If you are trying to create a fashion statement within your means, then it is absolutely important to remember that you know your body the best. What may look good on the television on models may not be feasible for you to wear in your routine life. Therefore, if in a fit of bad taste, you may have ended up conjuring certain pieces that you find no place for, better to get rid of them for something more meaningful which describes you.

Add Statements
A great way to jazz up any piece of a given outfit is to add a few accessories to completely change the entire appearance. And they are such powerful elements that changing them can give you different looks with the same outfit. For example, if you are wearing a simple suit at the office with minimalistic jewellery, you may look absolutely presentable for the boardroom meeting. But if you have to catch up with your friends at the bar later, you can loosen a few buttons, add a belt and change your jewellery to something funkier and larger than life to play it up. You can get custom printed sublimation jewelry in whichever design or colour palette you prefer. Alternatively, you can also use your passed-down heirlooms to add a sense of Yester year’s magic to your whole look.

Just not jewellery and belts, you can always choose to add your statements in different ways. You can add in scarves, headgear, gloves, handbags, sunglasses, watches, stockings, et al. The more you dive into this world, the more you will realize the choices you have on your hand to experiment with.

Introduce More Staples
The key to looking impeccable and presentable at all times is to invest in a classic wardrobe full of staple choices that will never let you go wrong in your styling. For example, for places to go other than your work and home errands, you can stock up on some everyday clothing like chinos, cotton blouses, and sundresses. If you are a t-shirt and jeans kind of a girl, you can always go in for fun patterns like graphic texts, punk art, custom logo, or fun t-shirt designs as they look super cool. They help to set you apart, identify you as a risk-taker and a bold individual, all the character traits that you already have.

For colder seasons, getting a few key pieces like trench coats, snow jackets, dark-coloured gloves, and bright coloured matching caps and mufflers look great. Colours like dark brown, navy grey and blacks are always good choices as they have the tendency to hide dirt and other spots of untidiness.

Choose Appropriate Footwear
Last but not the least, your footwear is something that can either make or break the entire look of what you so painstakingly put together. Therefore, for looking well-put-together from head to toe, you cannot ignore your feet. Choose the good quality of shoes appropriate for the right occasions which keep you comfy and on the run throughout the entire day.

The collection that you build is largely dependent on the line of work you are employed in, but a few heels and some standard choices are always a good place to start. If you are an exercise junkie and love working out, getting a few trainers and jogging shoes will also keep your health in check. For regular errand runs, flat shoes like sneakers and mules work out the best.

All the aforementioned things can look more polished and highlighted with a well-groomed personality to present it. Remember, a personality looks even more defined with a good nature and an amicable attitude. With a stunning closet and a good aura, you can recreate yourself to be the better and the newer version of yourself.

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