Bring Some Light and Life Into Your Garden


The garden or backyard can be a forlorn and neglected space during the winter months. Heading out of winter can be a great tonic. Our thoughts turn again to the outside and signs that life is returning. Getting the garden ready for the spring and summer ahead can be a rewarding project. Here are a few thoughts and ideas about bringing some light and life into the garden so you can make the most of the space for you and your family.

Clear up and out.

A cathartic way to start this process is to get ruthless with a clear out. Get into all those unused spaces and dark corners. Prune and cut back dead branches or shrubs. Have a good rake and sweep and take all the debris out the tip or recycling centre.

Create a point of focus.

Every garden should have an area you gravitate towards. It is a place to sit and even eat when the days and nights get warmer. If you have an existing deck or patio, it might be a good idea to give it a spruce up. A power wash is a great way to clean brick, tile and concrete. It will also get rid of mold and any fungus on your deck. Wooden decks might use another coat of stain or varnish. Tired patios can be re-pointed. If you are creating any of these areas from scratch, then both of these can be an easy DIY project and incredibly rewarding.

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Any outdoor areas can benefit from lighting. Have a look at the difference between solar and electric lighting. With solar advances, it is easy to install lights in your garden with no wiring whatsoever! Solar light can provide ambience as well as dramatic effect. They also work well in terms of security lighting.


Have a think about introducing some fresh colour and foliage into your garden. It can be tempting to stay with the same plants but why not investigate adding some new varieties? You don’t have to spend money on expensive plants. There are lots of ways to build up flowers and plants without buying them! Start now to enjoy the colours this year.

Pond life

If you don’t have one already, adding a water feature to a garden can be a real bonus. It is always lovely to hear the sound of water rippling and flowing. Again, a solar fountain can be used to power the water. A water feature will draw insect and bird life into your garden. From a simple fountain to a pond, there is a wealth of choice and possibility available to you. Even a water barrel with a single lily can be very effective.

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Winding paths, standing stones and beach effects are all ideas that can help create interest in your garden. They are also low maintenance allowing you to enjoy your space without too much hard work and upkeep. Larger rocks, in particular, make great landscaping features and act like sculptures in the garden. Exotic planting such as bamboo can help create screens and as well as introducing an ambient touch.


Make your garden a space that you can relax and enjoy, and it will repay you with many days and nights of pleasure.


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