Five Appliances For The Modern Mum

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There is a lot expected of the modern mum these days. We need to be able to look after the kids, hold down a job, care for the pets, and find the time to catch up with friends. And let’s not forget we need to find time for a date night once in awhile! Modern life can be hard to handle at times, but there are ways we can make it easier on ourselves. Sometimes, all we need to do is get a fancy new gadget or gizmo! So, which appliances are great for the modern mum? Here are my top five:


We no longer have to spend hours at our kitchen sinks! Dishwashers have dramatically helped reduce the time we need to spend in our kitchens. Not only has it created more free time for us, but they are also a lot more hygienic than just scrubbing pots and pans. The machines heat up water to hotter temperatures than we could handle and also create a lot of steam. The steam kills off lots of bacteria and germs that basic soap and water would miss.


Food Processor

Another handy kitchen appliance, the food processor has slashed the time needed to prepare meals. Especially for laborious tasks such as whisking up egg whites for meringues. They are super easy to use. Simply tip all your ingredients into the bowl and set to spin. You can change the speed of the mixer to help prevent you over-mixing anything.


Smart Televisions

TVs are no longer big and bulky appliances that require metres of cables. Thanks to Smart TVs, these appliances are now much thinner than before. They are still able to provide us with much more entertainment than just watching programmes. You can now use them to surf the internet. And buying one won’t break your bank balance either. You’ll be able to find a cost effective satellite TV for your needs.



It’s not just televisions that are smart nowadays! Our phones are too! Smartphones have revolutionised how we organise our lives and have especially made things easier for the busy modern mum. You can now enter all your playdates and social events in your phone’s calendar so you never forget where you’re meant to be. You will also have Google constantly at your fingertips. If you ever forget a recipe, quickly look it up! You’ll find many affordable smartphones on the market, meaning you won’t have to wait for one while you save up.



Microwaves are a saving grace for the mum who doesn’t enjoy cooking! You can still make healthy and nutritious meals in one of these small appliances. They are also brilliant for reheating leftovers. But, possibly the best advantage of the microwave is that they allow you to cook large batches, helping you save money. Cook a one-pot meal, portion it up and freeze the individual servings. When you want a portion, reheat it in the microwave once it has thawed.


Even if you just own one of these great appliances, you’ll really notice a difference in your busy life!

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