Budget Beauty Tips That Won’t Break The Bank


With the holiday season right around the corner, it can be a balancing act for beauty buffs on a budget. Pamper yourself without blowing the budget with the following money savvy beauty tips.

Raid the kitchen

For a beauty treatment good enough to eat, make sure to stock up on olive oil. Rich in anti-ageing antioxidants, olive oil has been a core ingredient in beauty treatments since ancient times. For shiny hydrated locks, apply a pre-shampoo treatment of gently heated olive oil for 15 minutes before rinsing out. Or mix with coarse sugar for a delicious all natural exfoliant that will leave your lips smooth and body glowing. The versatile kitchen staple can even be used as a gentle pre-cleansing step to help remove stubborn eye makeup.

Keep it light

Spare your skin and your bank account by diluting your favourite foundation with a moisturiser. Day to day, a full face of foundation is unnecessary, bad for your skin and a waste of product. Instead create your own DIY tinted moisturiser, adding concealer or extra foundation to any areas that may need additional coverage.

Brush it off

Cleaning your makeup brushes regularly is essential to keeping them both hygienic and in good condition. However, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on an expensive brush cleaner. In fact, often simpler cleaning solutions are better for your brushes than ones with complicated and unnecessary ingredients. A great budget friendly option is to rinse your brushes under warm water using a gentle baby shampoo and letting them dry flat overnight.

Drink up

All the skin care and makeup products in the world won’t make up for the results of a poor diet and dehydration. Considering our skin is made up of 64% water, it’s no surprise that skimping on the recommended 8-10 cups a day can contribute to complexion issues like dull skin, pronounced wrinkles and prominent pores. Struggle to meet the recommended intake? Try adding some fresh lemon or lime for flavor, while also reaping the additional detoxifying health benefits.

Re-use and recycle

Found the perfect mascara, with a not so perfect price tag? Don’t despair, simply clean the mascara wand thoroughly and re-use with a cheaper mascara tube. Often it’s the mascara wand, not the formula, that is responsible for creating eye opening lashes. You can also recycle old clean mascara wands by using them as eyebrow brushes. Another great budget mascara hack is to double the formula as a liquid eyeliner. Use a quality angled eyeliner brush and a slightly creamier formula for the best results.



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