Electric Air Compressor or Diesel – Which is the Best Choice?

Compressed air is a form of alternate energy which is a huge time saver, as well as a money saver. You can bring immense differences in your energy consumption when a compressor is used. The question or comparison between an electric air compressor and a diesel one has been under scrutiny for a long time. 

Most people find it hard to decide which is better. There are many comparisons and discussions which give information about the different types of air compressors. You need to first understand the basics of what a compressor is used for. Which air compressor model would be suitable for your requirements before purchasing. What are compressors used for mainly? Is it used only for household requirements or is it equally important for industrial purposes too?

Be it a household purpose or an industrial one, a compressor is required for many purposes. There is a whole range of air compressors that are used for various purposes in machines for spray painting, vacuum cleaning, milking machines, etc. Compressors are widely used to conserve time and energy. The advancement in technology has also made it easier and quicker to handle such machines in every possible industry.

They are used in various fields like:

  • Woodworks and carpentry
  • Building and construction
  • Hotel management and hospitality industry
  • Oil, gas and petroleum companies
  • Automobile and engineering purposes
  • Mining and ore extraction
  • Medical emergencies and lifesaving equipment manufacturing
  • Farming and animal husbandry

Diesel Vs Electric Air Compressor – A brief comparison

Electric Air compressor-How do they help?

Electrical compressors are more preferred since they are highly cost-effective. There are numerous ways of saving money by purchasing an electrical compressor. Though there is a full range of air compressors, when you think in terms of the money-saving benefits, the wisest choice would be getting an electric one when compared to the diesel compressor. The cost of fuel is rocketing these days and so if you have a steady flow of power supply, you can easily use the electric one. It is also important to have a steady power backup generator to support the compressor in case of a power outage.

Advantages  of an electric compressor over diesel:

  • Cost-effective as fuel is not required
  • More reliable especially with a power back up
  • Increased productivity
  • Longer working duration and uptime
  • Lesser frequency in maintenance and service
  • No harm of fuel leakage or spills
  • Higher quality in compressed air
  • Lesser chances of carbon emission
  • Lesser risks and higher safety options
  • Lesser disturbance to people around as noise produced is minimum

Diesel Compressor – A few notes to read

Diesel compressors are preferred mostly due to their portability and ease of transportation. Since they do not have to be connected to a power source constantly, they can be moved anywhere according to the purpose. For example, you will be able to see a diesel-operated compressor when you observe a road construction site. The diesel compressor can operate on its fuel source for around 12 hours before the next refill. The time duration, of course, will depend on the capacity of the model used. The portability of diesel air compressors is highly beneficial to jobs that involve traveling and do not require a continuous power supply. Since no power supply is required it runs on its own fuel, you will not have to worry about finding or maintain the power source. However, you have to ensure that there are options to refill and store the extra fuel required for completing the entire work. 

How to make a decision and what to consider before deciding?

During the initial visit to the dealer, there are certainly a few things that need to be on the checklist before you go ahead with the buying decision. You need to consider the following;

  • Motor efficiency
  • Air capacity
  • Product durability
  • Total costs involved 
  • Engineering design and quality
  • Warranty terms and conditions

Apart from the above, there are other pointers, that will get you to the decision. As you enquire about which compressor is better– most people will have separate opinions. So, you may get more confused as to which would be more suitable for your purpose.

Always determine your personal usage and purpose. Just because a neighbor found one type useful, it doesn’t mean that your purpose will be met. You have to consult an electrician and other technicians. Explain your need and the duration of the working hours required. They will ask you questions about the type of operations involved. Answer these to the best of your knowledge and let them conduct a proper inspection of the site too. This will help you make the right decision and obtain maximum output too.

Avoid guessing the right choice while selecting the compressor. The shop dealers may explain a number of factors related to each kind.  You may feel compelled to make a choice based on what you hear. It is easy to guess that a particular brand or model will fix your purposes. However, when practicality sets in, that compressor may not meet your requirements at all. So avoid guessing what is right and get a proper evaluation done.

Maintenance of compressors

There are a few basic rules to be taken care of regardless of whether you have decided to buy an electric air compressor or the diesel kind. The installation and further maintenance have to be done correctly. The manufacturer’s instruction manual has to be studied in detail. Maintenance and service inspections should be conducted regularly.

  • Conduct on-time inspections
  • Look out for leakages and clogging
  • Check the temperatures and electrical circuits
  • Maintain the water cooling system
  • Make sure that drain valves are properly monitored 
  • Keep a constant check on pressure regulation
  • Proper air ventilation should be provided.

Ultimately getting an electric compressor or a diesel type is your individual choice. The best decision is always made after you consider the pros and cons of each type and decide which is more suitable for your requirements. A wise decision will always prove profitable, reliable and successful in the long run!

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