On A Budget? You Can Still Give Your Kitchen A Makeover


If you’ve been wanting to give your kitchen a makeover for a while now, but you keep having to put it off because of your financial situation – you don’t need to anymore. It’s very simple to give the room a new, fresh look, while keeping within your tight budget.

It’s not all about expensive appliances that do five different things in one. – It’s about creating illusions to please the eye and make the environment a nice one to be in.

So here’s what you need to do.

Make it look and smell good

If you want your kitchen to not only look amazing, but smell gorgeous too – then flowers are what you need. Not only will they raise your spirits up when you walk into the room, but they will bring happiness to your other senses too. Plus, plants will even purify the air for you, and balance the humidity in the room to ensure you’re breathing in pure bliss – perfect for a kitchen.


Paint the ceiling white

No matter what, take a look up and inspect the ceiling…  – Not looking its best huh’? You would be surprised at how far a little white paint up top can freshen the whole look. Even if you don’t stare at the ceiling on a daily basis, you still see it subconsciously. So give it a quick scrub with a sponge and some soapy water to get rid of all the greasy stains from cooking. Then when dry, apply a generous coat (or two) of bright white paint (suitable for the kitchen of course!), and see how much better it will make everything look.

New knobs and handles

You don’t have to buy a whole new set of cupboards or drawers, instead, just swap a few handles here and there, and replace them with a new colour or shape to funk the room up a little. You could even have a look at a plumbing supply store to see what taps they have available, and change your old, grubby thing, to a new shiny one instead. The same goes for your cabinets too – don’t worry about taking the whole piece out, just remove the doors and add something new to the vibe – don’t be afraid to mix and match – it’ll add personality.


You don’t have to splash your cash on fancy marble and granite in order to have a beautiful looking kitchen. – If you’re a crafty one, why not create your own worktop made from your favourite wood? It sounds tricky, but it really isn’t as complicated as you would imagine it to be. All you need to do is cut down a piece of wood to the size you need (or get someone to do it for you) and then sand it down and treat it so it lasts a long time, and you’re good to go! You could even try your luck at engraving the wood with some pretty patterns, or even funny phrases or designs that make you smile.

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