Make Your Bedroom A Sleep-Friendly Hideaway With These Simple Changes

Getting plenty of sleep is so important for our overall health. In fact, as we discussed before, sleep helps our mental, emotional and physical well-being. Despite its importance, 70% of people are getting less than seven hours sleep a night. But it’s highly recommended that the average person gets over eight hours. To get more sleep, the first thing you need to look at is the bedroom. Our bedroom could be the reason you are not getting enough shut eye. Therefore, here are some simple changes you need to make your bedroom a sleep-friendly hideaway!


Switch your curtains to blackout design

It’s never good to have light peeking through your curtains when you are trying to sleep. It signals to our brain it’s time to wake up. That means, we will end up wide awake in the early morning and will struggle to get back to sleep. Therefore, you need to look at changing your curtains so they block the light out. A lot of people are now buying blackout curtains for their bedroom as they are ideal for keeping light away. They are made with a foam-backed fabric which blocks out any light. That way, you can ensure you sleep through the night and don’t wake up until your alarm sounds! And you don’t have to worry about them just being black; you can blackout curtains in a wide array of colours that will look fab in your bedroom!

Change your mattress to memory foam

You also need to look at your mattress when you want to create a sleep-friendly hideaway. The first thing you should consider is when you last changed your mattress. It only lasts for seven years, so if you have had it for longer, it’s time to get it replaced. Otherwise, an old mattress will cause your body to be uncomfortable in the night. You will end up tossing and turning in the night. Therefore, head to the store to look for a new mattress for your bed. A lot of people are turning to memory foam as it helps to relieve body aches. However, there are lots of different types of memory foam available to purchase. Therefore, you can look online for a guide to tempur mattresses by JRBD and other mattresses which will help you to get a good night’s rest!

Add an extra pillow to the bed

You should also consider buying an additional pillow for your bed. A lot of us sleep at a weird angle which leaves us with neck ache in the night. It means we are moving around and getting limited sleep every night. Therefore, you should look at buying an additional pillow which will ensure our head stays comfortable. It can eliminate any kink between your neck and head while you sleep. Also, two pillows is an attractive feature in your bedroom!

Repaint your bedroom

You would think that it’s essential to go for dark colours in the bedroom to ensure you have a good night’s sleep. However, research has found that repainting your bedroom blue or a pale colour could ensure you have more sleep at night. In fact, out of all the different colours, light blue or grey meant people got nearly eight hours a night and woke up feeling positive about the day ahead. As you can read about here, it is because it’s linked to calm and soothing feelings and it can even slow the heart rate. Strangely enough, purple is apparently the worst as it stimulates the brain so you will struggle to get enough kip!

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Change the bedding to 100% cotton

A lot of us don’t think about the material when we are buying bedding. But if you buy cheap low-quality bedding you will be affecting your sleep at night. It can irritate our skin and will see us waking up in the night. Therefore, you need to change your bedding so that it’s soft which will be great for our body. 100% cotton bedding will ensure you get cosy and won’t end up having to count sheep at night. Therefore, make sure you check the material before you buy!

Add a ceiling fan to keep the room cool

It’s so important that you aren’t too hot in the night if you want to get a good night’s rest. Otherwise, you are going to be waking up in the night and won’t be able to get some rest. In fact, 45% of people say the temperature is affecting their sleep at night. You might not know that the right temperature to get a great night’s sleep is 15 and 20 degrees Celsius. Therefore, you should get a ceiling fan which you can use to keep the room cool. You can switch it on if it’s getting too hot so that you can ensure you get plenty of rest. Try and get one with a timer so that is isn’t on all night!

Add plenty of soothing scents  

You might not realise that the scents in your bedroom could be affecting your sleep. Therefore, it’s time to eliminate bad odours and swap them with soothing scents which will help you get some sleep. For example, you might want a lavender pot plant or room spray to add to the bedroom. As this feature reveals, lavender can decrease your heart rate and help your body relax when it’s time for bed!

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Get rid of that clock

A lot of people have a clock in the bedroom, but it could be affecting your sleep! For one thing, it can be a big distraction when you want to head to the land of nod. You might keep glancing at it to check the time. Also, the noise of a clock can be a distraction when we want to sleep. Once you notice the sound, it’s hard to ignore it in the night! Therefore, you might want to get ear plugs and an eye mask to help you ignore it. Or remove that clock so you can get some sleep.

Remember to remove all devices at night so that you do get a great night’s sleep. Otherwise, every time it flashes with a notification, you might end up waking up!


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