Busy Working Mums: How To Handle It All


Being a parent is a full-time job. Having a full-time job is a…full time job? The world of working mums isn’t easy. Even so, for those of us who love our careers, giving up isn’t an option. Nor should it be. Long gone are the days when women had to stay at home with the children. But, there’s no denying the challenge working mums face. If you’re determined to keep your career, good for you. You are that unstoppable woman everyone envies. In truth, though, we all need to stop every now and again. Here are a few ways you can make sure you don’t burn yourself out.


Obviously, these aren’t literal hats. It’d be easier if they were! To ensure your parenting and career work, you need to be good at getting in the right head space fast. If you’re the kind of person who takes work home with you, this could be difficult. But, it’s crucial you master the art. If you’re a mother that worries about her children, you need to let that go once you’re in the office. You may have spent the morning washing baby sick from your hair. But, in the office, you need to act professionally. Switching your personality may leave you feeling like Jekyll and Hyde for a while. With a little practice, though, you should be able to change easily. That way, you can get full enjoyment from both aspects of your life.

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Mastering your time will have never been so important. When you’re as busy as this, you’re going to need to make every second count. That’s why it can help to get on top of organisation. You may well be good at this when it comes to working. Put those changes in place for your personal life, too. It may seem strange, scheduling simple things like time with your children, or baths for yourself, but it’ll help. When you can account for every second of your day, you can ensure you make the most of the time you have!


We’re all guilty of neglecting our health when we’re busy. It’s important you look after yourself as much as possible, though. Find out how to keep on top of your health from posts like this one at Empty Nest blog. Don’t let your health suffer. If you fall ill, you’re going to have to take time off. And, there’s no time off being a mother. Make sure you keep on top of things by staying well!


With all this time management, it’s easy to forget to enjoy yourself. Take time, sometimes, to have fun with what you’re doing. You spend time with your kids because you love them. Presumably, you’re putting so much effort into your job because you love that too. Don’t let these things become chores. You may have to schedule your time, but remember that you’re doing it because you love what you do!

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  • Emmalisa

    This is a great post. Even though I am not a Mum, I felt motivated today because Mum and I went to Brighton Road cafe and sat down, had coffee and wrote down some things I need to do. When we went to leave, in the car, she said, We are doing this every Monday from now on, to organise our week! I said “That is a GREAT plan!”, and I am glad that I can share my time management list with my Mum. So, now I am home checking my emails, and seeing something on Time Management was just timely! I would love to do a post on just time management itself, although I think I talked about it in “Crafting and Producing a blog”.

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