Why buy cordless?


Why buy cordless? The advantage of cordless power tools

Whether you are a contractor, a do-it-yourself expert, or a go getter with a knack for fixer-uppers, there’s no denying that power tools have made completing the task so much easier and quicker to do. It used to be the case where most modern workshops were fitted out with corded tools because let’s face it, most battery powered mechanisms didn’t carry the same about of strength. Those times have changed and innovations within the market have seen cordless devices giving their counterparts a run for their money. Specialty brands like Stihl power tools can now run all day without having to be repeatedly charged and are just as (if not more) powerful than corded. If you are in the market for a new power tool, here’s some reasons as to why you should choose cordless.


When you are dragging a cord that’s attached to a tool there’s a lot to think about. You have to make sure it doesn’t get tangled, that the area isn’t full of hazards and if your site is elevated, you need to make sure that the extension cord reaches up to where you are. With a battery motorised tool you won’t have to worry about any of these issues as it eliminates risk and puts you and your co-workers safety first. It also comes in handy before you’ve even started the job as it saves time and frustration when you’re figuring out how to store and transport the equipment. They are especially ideal for those occasions when you are working at a non-powered site; there will be no fussing around with generators or hassles when finding an electrical source; you can just get on with the job!

Lightweight and Flexible

Got a job in an awkward location? No problem! The advantage of using cordless is that they are much lighter to handle and more compact that corded. It makes it easier to move around with when you are drilling in a tight spot or having to reach high above your head.

Improved Health and Safety

Imagine you are working on a site where the ground is damp or slightly flooded; using a tool that requires an electrical current isn’t going to mix is it? What if the connection between the extension cord and the tool falls in the puddle? Yikes, I don’t want to think about it! What if you are using a chainsaw and you accidently cut through or damage the cord, inciting sparks? Obviously these are worst case scenarios, but given the fact that there are so many injuries relating to worksite accidents, it’s a very real possibility. Now, imagine you are using cordless? Those dangers are essentially null and void.

Reduces noise pollution

If you’re living in a residential area where excessive noise is often frowned upon, then a cordless tool might be your new best friend. A battery operated mechanism has no built in exhaust system making is at least twenty time less noisy than equipment that requires cords.

What power tool brand do you swear by? Tell us in the comments below.

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