Samsung MOTION SYNC Vacuum Cleaner


I have to admit I am a Samsung brand geek…. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4, a Tab 3, Samsung digital camera, and Samsung front loader washing machine and next will be one of the new fridges. And the Samsung smart TV’s… wow! They are amazing with what they can do.

Now Samsung have released a new vacuum cleaner…. Yes, really! The Samsung MOTION SYNC Vacuum Cleaner has 14 filter chambers; its strong centrifugal force helps separate almost all the dust particles and debris from the air and keeps them from leaving the chamber.



This is designed to help prevent the filter from clogging to maintain maximum suction power for a long time.

It also has a very clever sensor to tell you when you have hit a dirty/ dusty spot. When the light is red, the area is dirty and you need to go over the spot until the light turns green. Amazing technology and it gives you peace of mind knowing the floor is cleaned to perfection.

Another feature I love is all the attachments aren’t actually attachments. They are integrated into the handle! So no hunting for the different tools, for the different areas you need to clean ie. vacuuming the floor to vacuuming the couch. You just take off the wand and click the attachment in place.

The controls are on the handle for easy usage. No more bending down or kicking the vacuum to turn it on and off!

The Samsung Motion Sync vacuum cleaner also has stability motion wheels so it will never tip over. It also manoeuvres around furniture with easy, no more getting stuck on corners!

Here is the Samsung Motion Sync Vacuum in action:

If you would like to find out more about the Samsung Motion Sync Vacuum, you can view the Samsung website:

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