Buying A Car Online In Australia

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Now that everything from clothes, books, electronics, and beyond can be purchased online, what stops people from buying cars? 

Well, unlike smartphones and laptops, cars have a larger size and are more expensive. Even if a buyer buys the car online, how does it get delivered? 

However, various businesses like are solving the problem of car purchases online through different intelligent and innovative ways. 

Let’s see how these businesses are helping people buy cars online in a trustable and authentic way. 

The Story of Cars24

Cars24 is an Indian start-up that has been set up recently in Australia, and residents of Australia can buy used cars online from home. The trend of online car purchases is already prominent in the US and UK. 

Start-ups like Cars24 and have solved the problem by delivering cars outside your home within five minutes. The vehicles can also be returned within seven days without any additional cost. 

Every used car Cars24 sells is owned by them. They provide complete support to the customers from purchase to financing, delivery, and warranty. 

The best part about Cars24 is that you can return the car within seven days and a 100% moneyback guarantee. The delivery of the car is free, and you get a six months unlimited warranty on your car. 

How To Buy a Car Online Safely?

Whether you’re purchasing a car from Cars24 or, there are certain things to consider. Let’s look into them.

Study The Car You Want To Buy

Even though buying a car online looks easy, it’s a big deal. So, you must conduct thorough research on the vehicle you intend to purchase. 

First, look at what the car is and make of the car. Also, evaluate the car against all your needs. A comparative analysis is a good way of researching. Compare the car with multiple other models, which will give you a better understanding of the car. 

Since you’re buying the car online, the website will provide helpful information like mileage, engine type, interiors, tyres used, and beyond. 

Research The Dealership, Company, and Website

It is common sense to research and analyse the company, dealership, or website you’re purchasing the car. You can talk to previous customers who’ve purchased the vehicle from them. 

If you’re buying the car online, you can also visit the company’s showroom to talk to the seller, and the managers present in the showroom for safety purposes. 

A Vehicle History Report

A vehicle history report is critical, especially when you’re purchasing a used car. A vehicle history report includes multiple details, like how many people have used the car before. The total kilometres the car has travelled, whether the vehicle had an accident before. So on and so forth.


It is essential to see the warranty of the car if you’re buying a new car. The warranty varies from brand to brand. Dealers and companies that sell used vehicles provide warranty or free servicing as well. For example, Cars24 offers a six-month warranty on the used car they sell. 

Buying a car online is becoming convenient as it progresses. It is safe to purchase a new or used car from a trusted and reliable company like or Cars24. Just keep in mind the factors discussed above before getting your car home. 

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