Buying Medication From an Online Pharmacy? 5 Tips on Safety

One in five retail sales in 2020 happened online. The drastic e-commerce surge is, in large part, a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite that, e-commerce sales were still growing in popularity before the recent crisis.

Online shopping means greater access to products, and it’s more convenient. If you need prescriptions, for example, then you can buy them at an online pharmacy. Rather than waiting at a local store, your medicine will get shipped right to your door.

Are you considering going virtual with your prescription needs? If so, then it’s important to follow some safety tips. Read on to learn the best tips to ensure you’re safe when you buy medicine online.

1. Research the Pharmacy

Before you even think about using an online pharmacy, you need to research the site and business. No one wants to attempt a transaction with an illegitimate site or scam. To prevent that, verify that the pharmacy:

  • Has a licensed pharmacist that can talk to you
  • Sells only FDA-approved prescriptions
  • Requires a prescription for purchases
  • Has privacy protections in place

Always do an internet search on the pharmacy. Check out its reviews, and be sure there’s a physical address associated with the business.

2. Know Your Medication

The next way to stay safe is to research your medication. Make sure you know what your prescription should look like and what it’s called. While the pharmacy may be reputable, it’s still good to verify that you got the right medicine.

3. Look for Red Flags

While browsing through the site, don’t forget to look for red flags! Watch out for:

  • No contact information
  • No physical address
  • Does not require prescription
  • Seems too-good-to-be-true
  • No licensed pharmacist on staff

If you notice a few red flags, consider shopping elsewhere.

4. Consider Your Payment Method

When using an online pharmacy like RX online, how do you plan on paying? Most sites offer various payment methods like credit cards or online bank accounts. Would you think twice about putting in your card details?

In 2021, you should! To stay safe, consider using a one-time gift card. You can buy one at a local store.

5. Track Your Package

Finally, don’t forget to track your package. Verify when your prescriptions ship, and watch for when the carrier is delivering. If your package gets marked as ‘delivered’ despite not arriving, then that’s a sign of trouble.

Reach out to the online pharmacy right away if you run into this issue.

Online Pharmacy Safety Tips You Don’t Want to Miss

Back in 2015, an online pharmacy might have seemed sketchy. In 2021, they’re not only legitimate and safe but a preferable option, too!

During the pandemic, we’ve all learned the importance of our health. Staying at home means curbing the spread of Covid-19. Do your part by getting your prescriptions from an online pharmacy.

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