Never Look Past Self Care!

Life can move past us in the blink of an eye. It comes, and it goes. That owes a lot to the hectic pace of modern society. A society that in every avenue focuses on productivity and results. If our boss or our jobs are not expecting 100% all of the time, we are expecting it from ourselves. We want to do everything to the best, and that is only natural.

The thing is – not one creature or machine on this planet can perform to one hundred per cent of its ability all of the time. Soccer players tire from running and positioning, machines experience friction, damage, and rust. Running full steam ahead at all the time takes its toll. It is simply not capable in both the worlds of engineering and nature. It is a simple fact of life. We can’t fire on all cylinders at all times. It isn’t possible. In fact, we can do ourselves a great deal of harm.

Our health is of a great deal of importance to us. Now that might seem obvious, but to those who constantly push themselves throughout the day, it isn’t. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be done. When we are pushed, or push ourselves too hard, we can suffer from a bunch of problems. We become overworked, and this leads to stress. Stress can be considered a serious condition. Not only does stress make us feel bad – it can assist in the development of other conditions. It can also exacerbate any existing illnesses or ailments. Stress makes everything worse.

Of course, we all know that our health is important, and we all have some idea of how to keep fit and healthy. Some may want to check out this dentist in Downey to maintain good oral health and others may take supplements instead. However, not all of us will stop what we are doing, down tools and consider our health if our production is causing us massive problems. We constantly ignore the symptoms of stress and the illnesses that stress causes. We don’t know when enough is enough and this can be because of the stress. We can feel like we are simply letting ourselves down by not pushing ourselves – in some cases, that is certainly true – but not when you are suffering from stress. It can be far too easy to notice symptoms and refuse to deal with them because you feel that you can ‘work through it’ – that isn’t always a possibility though.  In the first instance, we need to find balance, which is something that is easier said than done.

How can we counter stress? Well – we always need to identify what factors are causing the stress. Are we causing ourselves to feel additional stress because of things going on in our own mind? Is work causing us stress? Is your manager constantly laying it on thick? Are you worrying constantly about health issues and problems? Are you stressing over your relationship> The first key to countering stress is to identify the cause. If you can find what the issue is – you can learn to understand it and potentially remove it.

Removing stress from your life is so much more easier said than done. We can’t all ditch our jobs, or cut ties. If we can – great! If we can’t remove the stress we need to learn how to cope. Mainly, that is through reworking how our brain thinks. If we can be more mindful about our situation and our actions, it might not cause us any stress anymore. Certainly, if we can slow down life during moments where can afford to, we can reduce the hectic motions our life. Simply by slowing it all down.

The biggest way we can cope with stress and other ailments is to simply start caring for yourself. Self-care can mean a lot of things. It can mean performing an activity that you enjoy. It might mean cleaning yourself, grooming or practising beauty routines and cosmetic application techniques. Self-care can mean a lot.

Self-care? It can also be for medical purposes; it could be an insulin injection. It could be contacting a doctor to resolve a medical problem, or a memory issue. Dealing with the symptoms of medical issues and working on treatment can remove a lot of the stress from our lives. Ignoring health issues leads to worrying about them, which helps us develop stress and make those health issues that we tried so hard to ignore so much worse.


One misconception about self-care is that it involves homeopathic remedies. You should always speak to a doctor before you embark on self-medication and you should never avoid doctor’s orders. This is about self-care, looking after yourself! Self-care is not a ‘box-tick’ activity. It’s not one and done. It is a constant habit, a series of repetitive actions that will help relax you, help you control your stress and also assist you with your day-to-day life. If you want to be at your best and be at one hundred percent, you can’t push forward without self-care. It will build a stable platform to ensure you always perform at one hundred percent. Instead of splashing out with your self-care once a week, do it in small chunks daily and love yourself. Give yourself the attention, love, and respect that you deserve! How do you start with self-care? It’s up to you, but mainly, take the time to chill out and respect yourself. That will get you further than you know.

To self-care, enjoy yourself. Listen to you best tunes, watch your favourite film, play the games that you enjoy. Spend time on yourself and look after yourself. Make sure the time is spent well and acknowledge it. It will pass by quick.


By settling down and caring for yourself, you can help control the stress that dominates modern society thanks to the pace of modern life. Your time is limited, so get down for a bit and enjoy yourself. Never avoid self-care as it can stop stress in its tracks – there is not much else that can do just that.

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