Calming and Comforting: 5 Readjustments For A Relaxing Room

You close your eyes in the evening and try desperately to fall asleep. There are a million different thoughts buzzing around your brain and you keep getting distracted by your phone lighting up in your face. You’ve made the relevant adjustments to brighten up your home and make your house feel comfortable, but have you paid enough attention to your bedroom? This should be your haven and safe place, where you can peacefully drift off in a slumber without a care in the world. Take these ideas into account so you can have yourself a better night’s sleep.

  1. Sleep Tight

Everyone needs a good night’s sleep to get through their busy lives and when that doesn’t happen it can really throw us off for up to a week. The cause of your bad sleeping pattern might be down to the mattress or bed you’re actually sleeping on. Dreamworks beds offer a range of different mattresses which cater to people’s individual needs. Whether you have a bad back or you enjoy a firmer feel, they will be able to provide the ideal bed for you. You don’t need to suffer with an uncomfortable bed, so make sure you upgrade as soon as you feel you need it.


  1. Unwind and Unplug

The blue light that is emitted from our electricals could also be the cause of a restless bedtime. Make sure your bedroom is an electrical-free zone and try to avoid watching television just before you go to sleep. Buy an alarm clock so you aren’t relying on your mobile phone to wake you up in the morning and you won’t be tempted by social media. Unplug from the world and allow yourself to sleep in a peaceful atmosphere.

  1. Comfy Covers

Invest in new pillows and soft silky bedding to help you drift off flawlessly each evening. One of the best feelings is snuggling into new clean bedding in the evening, so allow yourself to excited to go to bed. Try out a few different pillow types and figure out which provides you with the best comfort. Everyone is different so choose what works for you.

  1. Temperature Tunings

Many of us go to sleep in a bedroom that is too warm, which results in us waking up in the middle of the night. It can often be difficult to maintain the temperature in our rooms, as it comes down to individual preferences. Wearing cotton breathable pyjamas, keeping a window slightly open in the warmer months and using a lighter duvet is a step in the right direction for keeping cool in the night.

  1. Relaxing Routine

Whether it is reading a book, taking a long bath or enjoying a cup of green tea; you need to get your bedtime routine sorted. Getting into a structured set of habits before you go to bed can trigger your brain in the right direction and allow you to sleep much better.

Unplug your phone, turn off your television and take up an evening meditation session; these small techniques will help you on your way to achieving the best sleep possible. Your groggy days will soon be gone as you relax, unwind and drift off peacefully each and every evening.


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