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WSS Home: Easy Ways to Save Time (and money!) in the Laundry.

Ask anyone what the most hated housework chore to do and they usually say the laundry. Laundry is one of those unavoidable tasks in life (well, unless you are a nudist), I don’t know anyone who really enjoys it. So, what can you do to save time on washing?

  1. Sort it

I have two different baskets. One for colours, the other for whites. The boys put their dirty clothes in the laundry every night after their shower and put their clothing in the right baskets. Delicates and knits get washed in the mini washer in my LG Twin Wash.

I also make piles on the floor of towels and sheets, which need to be washed separately. Towels need to be washed on their own, so you don’t get fluff on anything else. The sheets need to be washed on the hottest temperature available to kill and germs etc.

  1. Use laundry bags

These are fantastic for washing delicate items and socks. No more lost socks!

  1. Use a prewash stain remover

As soon as you see a stain spray it with a laundry stain remover or apply a paste to the stain. If you get onto the stain early, this will, hopefully, save you from rewashing the soiled item.

  1. Stop washing so much

Are your pants, skirt or jeans really dirty after one wash? Can you wear them again? It’s recommended jeans aren’t washed often to protect them from wearing out. Too much washing destroys the fibres in jeans and creates holes or tears.

  1. Wash bigger loads

The larger the washer, the less loads you need to run. This saves time, energy and washing product, which also saves you money. If you buy a washing machine that “does it all” like the LG Twin Wash, you will save money in the long run. The LG Twin Wash has a huge 16kg load limit. The turbo wash feature saves time by effectively washing the load in a quicker time frame.

  1. Get a washer/ dryer combo

If your washer can dry as well, this will save you time on transferring washing to a separate washer or putting the clothes out on the clothes line. The LG Twin Wash washes and dries clothes and then notifies you via an app when it’s done. So cleaver! Just put it on and forget, well… until the app lets you know it’s finished.

  1. Wear the same clothes

There is a lot to be said about a minimalist wardrobe. Wearing the same clothes means less folding to do and you are re-wearing the clothing that you have just washed.

  1. Use the basics

Stop using softeners, dryer sheets and other products you don’t need. Fabric softeners have been found to cause problems with washing machines and there is no evidence to prove dryer sheets actually soften your washing. A good quality washing powder and a stain remover, should be all the products you need. The LG Twin Wash uses half the recommended washing powder than other washing machines. You also don’t need to add a stain remover powder to boost the washing powder.

  1. Fold as you go

Ok, I’m guilty of dumping loads on washing on the couch to fold later but it does save time if you fold the load as soon as the dryer is finished or as you remove the washing off the line.

  1. Don’t over dry your washing

Typical dryers will over dry your clothing. It is much better to use a condenser dryer, which extracts the moisture without overheating and drying out your washing. The LG Twin Wash uses condenser drying technology to protect the fibres in the washing. This stops shrinkage and wearing of the items, which means your clothing lasts longer and saves you money.



#SP This was a sponsored post in collaboration with LG Australia, as per our disclosure policy. All opinions are our own.


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