Caring for Elderly Parents: 4 Helpful Tips and Suggestions

From the time we are children, we expect our parents to be the ones who take care of us in our times of need. As we grow older, we learn that the tables will turn and we’ll need to take care of our elderly parents. As we adjust to being caregivers for our parents, we will almost certainly encounter challenges that make us question our capability of catering to their needs.

Thankfully, you don’t have to go it alone. Read on for some great tips that’ll make caring for your parents much easier!

1. Assess the Care Your Elderly Parents Need

The first thing you need to do in order to be a champion of your parents’ care is to determine just how much care they need. Elderly parents who are relatively healthy and independent may only need occasional visits to assist with heavy lifting or other tasks they’re unable to complete. Some parents may need more intensive care, however.

Speak with your parents’ physician to determine a listing of impairments that they’re dealing with. Consider letting them move in with you so you can assist them with their day-to-day necessities like cooking and taking them to doctor’s appointments.

2. Assess How Much You Can Handle

The next thing you want to assess is just how much care you can afford to give them and whether you’re qualified to give them the care they need. Weigh the amount of free time you have available to dedicate to their care and the amount of time needed to properly care for them. If you don’t the time needed or the capability to handle more complex medical conditions, then you need to consider other options to help take care of them.

3. Hire a Caregiver or Home Health Nurse

Don’t be afraid to hire a caregiver to help your parents. Caregivers can do everything from bathing to laundry to meal prep for your parents. If your parents have medical conditions that they need assistance with, then consider hiring a home health nurse to help. Both caregivers and home health nurses can make life much easier for your parents and keep them in their own homes for longer than they otherwise would be able to stay.

4. Remember to Prioritize Yourself

Taking care of elderly parents isn’t always an easy task. That’s why it’s really important that you make sure to take some time for yourself every day to prevent burnout and compassion fatigue. The only way you can provide extraordinary care for your parents is to make sure you’re taken care of, too.

Caring for Elderly Parents Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult 

Caring for your elderly parents may seem like a huge challenge, especially while also managing your own life. Thankfully, with the help of a caregiver or even assisted living, you can have the confidence that your parents’ needs are being met and that they are safe and well-taken care of. 

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