Celebrating Downtime: Create Decadent Design-led Rooms For R&R

A luxury home should be designed with open plan spaces that flow seamlessly into each other. It should be a space that evokes warmth, comfort and tranquillity. Everything you choose for your home should instil joy and gratitude. It should be a place you can’t wait to get back to. If you love your downtime, why not consider creating extra rooms for rest, relaxation and play? Let’s have a look at some of the ways you can add spectacular new dimensions to your home.



Indoor Swimming Pool

These days it is not unusual to find a property with an indoor swimming pool. In an age when we care so much more about our health and wellbeing, it’s not only a beautiful addition to your home but also a useful space for getting in exercise. With the latest in engineering, it is possible to go beneath your property and add a luxury indoor pool. Not only is this super chic, but it will also add great value to your home. Whether you want to do twenty lengths in the morning or take a refreshing dip in the evening, an indoor pool is a decadent room to add to your home. Create a super luxurious spa-like feel in your property with a beautiful pool. Consider whether you want a sleek lap pool or a bigger design that can also be used for splashing around. Think about ways you can use seductive, warm lighting and metallic mosaic tiles to add extra luxurious finishing touches. Look to companies such as Georgian home renovations to execute your dream space.


Saunas And Steam Rooms

Do you want to create a wow-factor spa-like experience in your own home? If your idea of a slice of bliss is kicking back in the sauna and steam room, then why not add extra layers of interest to your home with a design-led space? A sauna and hammam will not only increase the value of your property but are the perfect way to celebrate much-needed downtime. Use specialist contractors to create a space that is bespoke to you. Choose smooth plush limestone and Scandinavian wood to recreate a luxury spa in your own home. Also, invest in a great sound system for these areas so you can make the most of your relaxation time. With rejuvenating steam, meditative light therapy and soft heat, a sauna and steam room is the perfect little luxury to invest in. They are the perfect way to relieve the stresses and tensions of everyday life. And they also add an element of surprise and decadence to your home.


At Home Cinema

Who doesn’t love the movies? But why not scrap the hassle of going to a movie theatre, and create your very own at-home cinema room instead? These indulgent spaces are great for enjoying with family members and are also super cool when entertaining guests. Kit yours out with oversized plush armchairs and an enormous television screen. Think about installing 8-10 chairs and don’t forget the surround sound! Deck out in deep reds and purples for that super cinema feel. Make sure to have the room air-conditioned and carpeted so that sound flows perfectly. Invest in subdued low-level lighting and have popcorn on tap for the ultimate in decadent downtime.

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