How To Be The Woman That Does It All!

woman does it all

Do you want to be the kind of woman that does it all? Juggles a career, and a house, and kids and a hobby to boot? Yes, so do we all!

Here is the truth. Being this kind of woman isn’t actually as hard as it looks. It is not about being drop-dead gorgeous, or rolling in money, for example. Learn the tricks of the following 3 points and you’ll be well on your way.

How to be the woman that… progresses in her career

There is much debate about how a woman can progress in her career. Some of it comes from a place of negativity, of sexism, and of misogyny. The fact is, however, that the woman who progresses in her career is one that puts commitment above all else. When she does a task, she gives its 100%. When she speaks with a group of people, she doesn’t rely on intimidating them to gain control. There is absolutely no need to put up with sexist or inappropriate colleagues, clients or behaviour. She knows that these things can’t be swept under the carpet, and must be dealt with and reported.

Progress your own career by putting hard work and honesty above all else. That way, whatever you achieve will be entirely deserved, and something to be truly proud of.

How to be the woman that… looks after her family

The woman that looks after her family like she’s performing a magic act is engaged and proactive. If a family member or loved one is struggling with a disease or illness, she rolls up her sleeves and helps out. She does research into what can help. This might be dementia services for elderly parents or counselling sessions for an anxious teenager.

However, alongside being engaged and proactive, she is also realistic. She knows her limits.

To be this woman you have to be able to acknowledge that you simply can’t do everything alone. Trying to will lead to nowhere, and you’ll end up too exhausted to help anyone at all. Be smarter, and learn to delegate. Hire a cleaner to blitz the house once a month. Set up a dog walking share scheme with your best friend. Turn household chores into games to motivate them to help. Say ‘yes’ when that intern at work asks if there is anything they can do to help.

How to be the woman that… has balance and order

Come on… we all know that one woman who seems to float around serenely like a swan! She appears to have her life truly in order. Now, it might be that she is just great at covering up the chaos! However, it might also be that she learned that balance is needed to remain order.

The woman who has balance and order knows that she needs to work hard. She knows that putting her all in reaps rewards, be they financial, personal, or something else. Yet, she also knows how to treat herself! She knows that burning herself out won’t do anybody any good, be that in the short-term or the long-term. Be a balanced woman by combining hard work with relaxation, long days with calmer days.


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