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Celebrities and sunglasses are like cats are attracted to boxes. One just goes with the other. Of course, celebrities not only shield themselves from the paparazzi glare with their sunglasses but they are a great way of protecting one’s eyes from the damaging sun.

Sunglasses are an essential fashion accessory all year round, not just to add a polished finish to your whole look but for eye protection. Even in Winter, you may feel less heat from that winter sun, but don’t be fooled. Those trendy sunglasses you bought last summer are just as important now. The sun’s rays can still do serious damage to your eyes, whether you live in snowy Chicago or sunny L.A like the stars…. or cold Melbourne, wet Sydney or sunny Brisbane, as the case may be in Australia.

Thankfully, we can look as good as the stars for a fraction of the price thanks to Vision Direct.  Personally, I love the Burberry sunglasses range. As worn by celebrities like Jessica Alba and Jennifer Lawrence (below).

I have a pair of the Burberry Trench sunglasses (below, left). You can see how I have styled the sunglasses in our outfit of the day posts on Instagram.

As I am short sighted, I had to order prescription lenses, which is quite easy to do.  Simply click “buy with prescription” when you have chosen your glasses, add your your eye prescription and Vision Direct will make them up for you. The best part of ordering with Vision Direct, is your glasses will end up being at least half the price of buying designer prescription sunglasses elsewhere. My last pair of prescription designer sunglasses cost $800 via a major optical retailer, the same pair would have cost $310 with Vision Direct. A huge saving of $500!

Here are our picks from the Burberry range:

From left:  Burberry Trench,  Burberry GarbadineBurberry BE4160 and Burberry Trench.

What about other styles? Sunglasses come in a myriad of style but there have been a few that have stood the test of time and are still hugely popular today.

Wayfarers  are the favoured style of celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Reese Witherspoon, Miranda Kerr, Emma Stone, Jessica Alba, Emily Blunt, Katy Perry, Anna Kendrick, Lily Allen, Emma Watson and even Princess Kate, who are fans of the Ray Ban Wayfarer (below).

Celebrity ray ban wayfarer

Aviators are still popular with stars such as Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie, Victoria Beckham, Cara Delevigne, Rita Ora, Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson (below).

Ray Ban Aviators celebrity

Oversized sunglasses were optimised by the likes of Jackie O, Audrey Hepburn and today’s celebrities such as Olivia Palermo, Rihanna, Selena Gomez and Gwenyth Paltrow.

Which style do you prefer?

#SP This post was a sponsored post in conjunction with Vision Direct Australia as per our Disclosure Policy. All thoughts are our own.

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