The First Impression Factors

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When you invite someone into your home, you are imparting a fair amount of trust. Our homes are private spaces, and we don’t ask any old stranger to see them. When someone visits for the first time, the chances are that the friendship is still in its early stages. As such, the impression your home makes could have a significant impact on how things progress. And, the guest in question may make a lot of assumptions about you based off what they see. You could argue that our homes are for us, and other people’s opinions don’t matter. And, you would be right. But, we all dream of a home we can be proud of. That’s why we’re going to look at a few ways you can ensure your home has the wow factor for anyone visiting. 


First, make sure your decoration says the right things about you. The best thing you can do is turn to a decoration style that represents your personality. If you like things clean and simple, stick with a minimalist design. If, however, you’re a bold and confident person, bright colours might be best. It seems extreme to worry about guests when planning your decoration, and it is. But, it’s not only guests who’ll get the right impression from a carefully chosen style. You’ll also be able to enjoy the benefit of feeling fully at home in your space. Decoration that suits you is sure to help you relax.

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Some of us like to keep a clean home at all times. Others leave the job until they know someone’s coming. Whatever category you fall under, a messy house is a sure way to turn your new friend against you. They may not stop speaking to you, but they’re sure to be reluctant to return! Plus, it’s embarrassing to let people see our messy sides. So, it’s important you combat cleaning. It’s worth keeping on top of things, to save you the last minute madness if you do arrange to have someone round. As well as more obvious jobs like dusting and vacuuming, you should tackle difficult cleaning. Now’s the perfect time to find out how to clean shower screens! It might also be worth vacuuming under the sofa. Of course, it’s unlikely your guest will do a thorough check of the place. But, you never know!

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We’re already spoken about how decoration reflects personality. But, that’s not the only time your personality comes into play. It’s also worth injecting parts of yourself in other aspects of your home. This will be a sure way to make your house a home for you, as well as people visiting. If you have family photographs, be sure to hang them around your house. If you’re a photographer, it may also be worth hanging any photography projects you’ve worked on in the past. Features like these will show people what you’re all about. Plus, they’ll be fantastic conversation starters!





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