Check Out Our Tips For Gorgeous Looking Legs

With the summer nearly here, our legs are out on show nearly every day. We want them to look good, and not just be out to keep us cool on a hot day. Legs take a lot of work to be in tip top condition, so here are just a few of the ways we think will help make any pins look perfect.

Exfoliate and buff – Get rid of all that dead, dry scaling with a twice-weekly buff and polish. It also helps to increase the circulation to your legs, leaving the skin to look more healthy. Choose a spa quality scrub or a good buffer brush in the shower. Always rinse thoroughly when you’re done, and moisturise. The best bit about doing this routinely is you’ll avoid any ingrown hairs. You’ll also create a smoother surface if you are shaving to avoid little nicks. We recommend Dove Bodywash Exfoliating ($6.99) and QV Exfoliating Polish ($13.29).

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Remove all the fluff – All legs get a tad hairy from time to time. Hormones, the weather, and even your diet will alter how much, how quick, how thick and how dark those little hairs get. Waxing is the best way to take the majority of it off for a long lasting effect. However, leg hairs that are fair, thin and weak may not be removed very well. Be prepared to still need a quick shave for that perfect finish. Use a post treatment balm or oil to calm the skin and avoid infections. We use Schick Quattro for women ($12.49).

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Flex each of the muscles – Slender, toned legs are quite hard to come by. You need to ensure you are performing a full range of movements to strengthen every part of your legs. Stretches are best, but squats can be great for adding definition to your thighs and butt. Doing these exercises regularly can help reduce the risk of varicose veins. However, if you need some varicose vein repair, it’s best to speak to a specialist before any strenuous leg exercises.

Wear heels – Heels with a modicum of heel help flex your upper calf and extend your ankle. This creates a beautiful, feminine leg shape. No need for a lot of height, but the higher you go, the more effective the look. Of course, not being able to walk without tottering isn’t quite so attractive!

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Great colour – Legs look best when they are glowing with a healthy tan. If you can’t get to the salon or the beach, why not fake it? There are also some great tanning lotions that add some colour as well as providing skin protection in the sun. If it’s too hot for stockings, give those legs a glow with a great lotion or cream with a hint of tan.

We prefer St Tropez bronzing mousse ($39.95) or for a gradual tan, Garnier Body Summer Moisturising lotion ($7.95).

Maintain – Keep your legs looking fabby all summer long by keeping them moisturised. If they are out in the sun, make sure you protect yourself with some UV protection. Eat well and stay hydrated for the best looking leg skin you can get.

Pamper your legs by using  Vaseline Healthy Radiance Ultimate 10 Body Lotion ($7.69), Sanctuary Spa 5 Day Moisture Creamy Body Oil ($12.99), Dermalogica Body Hydrating Cream ($43) or the ultimate in indulgence, Sisley Restorative Fluid Body Cream($180).

Bare legs can certainly draw a lot of attention. Keep yours in good shape with some of these tips. Summer is the season for legs!


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