Pluck Your Bathroom From The Toilet!


Decorating your home is a time of excitement and joy. But, when it comes to the bathroom, most people will start to panic at the thought of some DIY. With complex tilework and plumbing on the horizon, it’s understandable.

Alongside your lounge and kitchen, visitors will nearly always see your bathroom. So, if you’ve spent a lot of effort on the rest of the house, the bathroom should be included too. This post is designed to help you with some of the tricky decisions and planning options you have. Using online tools and services, to make the task easier.

  • Planning The Job

A bathroom is a room that can’t go without a solid plan. Much like a kitchen, a bathroom is full of stationary furnishings. This means that you can’t move the room around until it’s how you want it; everything has to be right the first time.

Most bathroom suppliers will have a 2D or 3D bathroom planner so that you can plan a layout. Using a tool like this will require a bit of work. You’ll need to measure the room carefully, to get accurate results. And then spend a few hours arranging the virtual room. This will not only determine what you can fit in the room, but also provide you with a platform to find the best layout.

Plan a schedule for the job, and make sure that allow extra time. Jobs like this will usually overrun, so you need to plan ahead. If you take holiday to complete the task, make sure that you can take more time if required.

  • Purchasing The Components

It’s hard getting past all of the click here ads and promotional information you’ll find online. So, it’s usually better to visit local establishments to find the products you want, for a bathroom. This will give you a chance to see and feel the product, instead of just getting images. It will also give you a good understanding of the size of the item, as well as the quality.

Once you’ve found some parts that you like, leave the store. Take the product names and numbers you have and go online. This way, you’ll find the cheapest product and some alternatives.

A lot of products like this have long warranties, which is worth keeping in mind. It can be worth paying a little extra to be covered for longer.

  • Doing The Job

You’re going to need to do some research here. Find out what you’ll need to do, and make sure you have the tools to do it. Anything that you can’t do will have to be done by a professional. You can find loads of guides on and through web searches, that can help you to no end.

Some jobs, like plumbing and electrics, will always need a skilled professional. So, you won’t be able to do everything yourself. But, you can often find ways to limit the work you have to pay for, by understanding what the law restricts you from doing.

Good luck and enjoy your new bathroom! All of the hard work will definitely feel worth it, once the job is done.

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