How to: TOP 10 TIPS to decorate your children’s bedroom


Celebrity Interior Designer for Kids Christie Blizzard (Australia’s Celebrity styling sweetheart) is changing the way we look at design so children will love ‘being sent to their rooms!’

A regular presenter on Channel Ten series, The Renovator, Christie has a cult following and a specialist in Australia’s children’s playrooms and nurseries. A designer who is fostering creativity in children from an early age and encouraging parents and children to collaboratively work together, Christie is helping their collective visions come to life.

The moodboards created (below) give children a sense of ownership of the creative process within a safe and controlled designing environment.

‘Creativity starts from an early age. It’s a time build creative confidence and celebrate our children’s BIG imaginations using a stylised selection process. If I gave my children the opportunity to completely redecoration their rooms they would wake up in a bouncy castle (not ideal to compliment the rest of the home). The idea is to select pieces that interest our children and create accents within their space. It’s a beautiful process.’

Christie shares her top ten tips for decorating children’s bedrooms on a budget:

  1. Keep it simple and add playful decadence! A neutral colour palette is the key to a great child’s room because you can subtly or dramatically change the room by adding cost-effective accessories like bed linen, cushions and throws.
  2. Something New. Not just Pink and Blue. Paint is your best friend. Use it. Don’t be scared. It’s cost-effective, has loads of impact and can be modified over time. Think outside the square and embrace some new not-so-predictable shades. A playful orange tone is a hit with both genders and very on-trend is monochrome – so black and white is great for both boys and girls too. If you’re not sure about making such a bold statement, a feature wall is a great way to inject some colour into a room while still playing it safe. To do this, simply map out your artwork on the wall using a soft lead pencil and get ready to splash some colour!!cid_image008_jpg@01CFD194
  3. Growth Spurt!There’s a lot of paraphernalia that comes with kids so good storage is essential.  Invest in something that can adapt as your child grows with shelves, drawers and hanging space so you can hide the contents behind closed doors.
  4. Wall Stickers.Create an artistic focal point in the nursery with wall stickers.  When they’ve served their purpose they can be removed easily and you won’t have to repaint the wall. Love Mae is a charming online store which has a great selection of fabric wall stickers – we’re particularly drawn to the ‘Little Critters” and “Floating Feathers’ designs. I also LOVE the team at Urban Walls and Vivid Wall Decals too. Lots of simple options here that don’t lock you into a themed room.!cid_image002_jpg@01CFD194
  5. Upcycle. Markets and garage sales provide a day out for parents and children to explore charming pieces that can be brought back to life.  I recently sourced a beautiful wicker bedside for $4, sprayed it with gold spray paint and has become a beautiful signature piece for the home.   !cid_image004_jpg@01CFD194
  6. Frame it. Art can be found anywhere. Special wrapping paper, tea towels or big sister’s painting. Different sized frames will add texture and dimension to the room- and inspire conversation.  !cid_image010_jpg@01CFD194
  7. Layering effect. Have some fun with the bed and go OTT with throws, cushions and special toys which will add a punch of personality to their room.
  8. Future-Proof their space and makes sure it can grows with them.  If you buy a throw for your cot linen, be sure it will match what you have in mind when they jump into their “big kid bed”.
  9. Budget Stretch- Make your budget go further by buying key pieces of furniture that are versatile. For example, many cot styles adapt into junior beds and the right chest of drawers can double as a change table. !cid_image006_jpg@01CFD194
  10. Blackboards are a novel way kiddies can draw on the walls (without being scolded!!). Select one wall to feature (ideally opposite the bed) and cover. Such a dramatic injection will capture your little one’s personality – and art can be updated each day… All you need is the chalk!

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